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Home on a Saturday Night

Though I’m feeling a twinge of boredom and loneliness - there are indeed some perks on the rare occasions when I am able to stay home and just relax. ·I discovered a website dedicated to the sights of Pundaquit. It’s a coastal barangay in San Antonio, Zambales. I love this site because it’s got a lot of useful travel information on how to get around this beautiful barangay. Check it out :·I was able to post tons of pictures in my Facebook profile. Uploading pictures in FB can be addicting because it’s just so easy to do it.·I was able talk to an old friend of mine via Facebook chat (don’t you just love Facebook with all its applications?!). Actually, he was my old crush back in the dinosaur age.He was one of the heartthrobs in our mountaineering club who I don’t really get to talk to without stammering. Now, the feeling is all gone and I was able to talk to him normally. I realized he’s still the same funny, nice and sweet guy back then, only less intimidating …

A feel Good Post

My two previous posts contains angst over a change in a flight schedule involving Zest Air. I don’t enjoy dwelling on negative things so I would like to end this day or should I say start this morning since it’s already past 2AM, by enumerating the nice things that happened to me yesterday. 1.A friend bought me and Connie a chocolate starbucks frap - my new favorite Starbucks drink which I didn't know they have. 2.Our cancelled Zest Air flight was transferred to Sea Air with no additional costs, which is okay because the Sea Air flight tickets are more expensive. If you book a flight to Batanes for June with Sea Air, the round trip ticket amounts to a little over 12,000 pesos! 3.I was able to wear my favorite turquoise headband which I don’t get to wear as often as I want to because its color doesn’t match most of my clothes.Today, I wore it with my favorite Nike white shirt. 4.I saw Ron (aka Dakota)– the crush of my life. Hehehe! Remember him? I’ve written lots of posts about him…

Have You Booked A Zest Air Flight to Batanes this June 2009? Flight has been cancelled's official. For those who have booked a flight with Zest Air for June 2009, our flight to Basco (Batanes) has been cancelled. Don't worry, they'll be arranging to move you to Sea Air. The problem is, you may not get your preferred flight so you better call them now at +63.(02)855-3333I can't believe I'm being calm as I say this but I was seething when I found out about this. The're having problems with their aircraft apparently. Please gather patience as you call their hotline as it may take some time before you are able to connect to them. Please pass the word around. I believe Zest Air has not coordinated with all of the passengers. I just found out about it this morning when my friend - who booked a flight online (for a MNL To Basco flight), last December 2008 complained to them this morning about her e-ticket which has not been emailed to her. (Galing ah, nauna pa ma-charge sa credit card nya kesa ma-email ang ticket!) The girl on the line then tol…

The Guys from the Tarak Ridge Climb

Yesterday was our second attempt in climbing Tarak Ridge and I am now back in the city all sore and scraped but as with any climbs, it was all worth it because of the bonding with my old friends and the beautiful mountain views. Then there was our guest mountaineer – Rhovee, my friend from our outdoor club at work who provided a lot of entertainment during the climb. Hehehe. We were able to follow our itinerary, which was necessary because it was just a day hike and we were told that the last bus to Manila from Mariveles departs at 6:00pm. Since everybody arrived on time, we were able to leave Manila at exactly 4:00am.Hooray to ECOF, my backpacking group, wherein one of our core values is punctuality. There were seven of us on this trip. Two guys and five gals. What made this trip quite memorable though were all the guys we encountered during this trip. Hahaha! I can’t believe it. I don’t know if this is a sign from God but since the beginning of the year, I’ve been meeting a lot of g…

Bataan : Tarak Ridge Day Hike Itinerary (Updated December 2014)

Mt. Tarak is one of the destinations my friends and I frequented back in 2009. Despite the long travel from Manila (around 3 hours!), we enjoy going here because commute  is easy, its trails have become familiar to us, the locals are friendly and you can see plenty of enormous trees and colorful flowers along the trail. The historic fortress island of Corregidor can also be seen in one of the view points. 
Another rewarding stop in this mountain is Papaya river which is right beside the camp site, an hour or less away from the summit. From jump-off to the river, trail is easy and steep on some sections only.  I actually find it more appealing to take a dip in the river than hiking all the way to the peak :P. Water here is very shallow and cold. You can sit down and goof around with friends. It's like having a private pool in the middle of a forest.  Some even leave their bottled drinks here to cool it. 

Hiking time from jump-off to summit is around 9 hours out and back, even less if…

A Valentine Weekend Adventure

I’m back!

Last weekend was my so-called Davao-North Cotabato Valentine adventure (hehehe..I know it sounds so cheesy to call a trip as such but that’s what it exactly was) . I incurred sore muscles and several bruises, some of which, I don’t even know how I got but my heart is beaming and my face is not in its usual haggard state. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot, though occasionally I missed my friends and wished they were with me.
I was able to explore a bit of Davao City, Davao Del Sur, North Cotabato and Davao Del Norte in two days! That’s one of the perks of traveling alone, time moves so slow and you get to cover more ground. I didn’t have any itinerary. I just brought three maps (Philippine map, Davao map and a Mindanao map..hehehe) and some printouts of travel information I got from the internet. Once the plane landed in Davao International airport, I just listened to my heart’s desire and went to places that intrigued me.

Davao Del Sur
First stop was water tubing in Davao De…

Checklist for my Valentine’s Weekend

Some guts A lot of faithMy new backpacking buddy – Deuter Act Trail 32 (they sell it in most Toby’s branches) . I think I’m inlove with Deuter backpacks. I feel giddy just looking at mine. You know why? I love the way it looks, it's durable, structure isn't heavy, in fact, it removes some of the load off you. Headlamp and flashlight plus extra batteries for the fearful of the dark
ClothesSwimming goggles, a waterproof pouch and a lot of water-proof bagsmobile phone for emergency calls to love ones - just in case I get tired of talking myselfEtc etc
And lastly ..a map of Davao. Let me share something for the nth time, I really love the EZ maps. It only costs 99 a piece and it contains streets, location of establishments (like hostels, gas stations, churches, mountains) and other landmarks of the area. You can buy it in any National Bookstore branch. They have maps for the 3 major islands, Metro Manila, several provinces and regions. They also sell limited international desti…

The Day the Eagle Went Bald – An Adventure for the Ladies

Ever wondered about going bare down under? Has it ever crossed your minds to know what it feels like to go back to the days when everything was still simple, uncomplicated and hairless? Girlfriends, you know what I’m talking about!Well, recently, a friend of mine just went for a Brazilian treatment from Lay Bare waxing salon and I swear on myDeuter backpackand fave green headlamp that the friend I’m talking about is not me. Anyway, right after my friend’s treatment, she immediately went to see me – all glowing and smiling. My low tolerance for pain friend had just gone through her personal war,a treatment which involved eradicating ALL adolescent hair from the ladies region.It involves a lot of waxing and some plucking here and there. She told me it wasn’t as painful as she thought it was and I felt so happy for her because she was really nervous right before the treatment. Did that make you curious? Me too, but I’m not ready to go and spread my wings to a stranger just to go bare dow…

Why I’m Itching to go to Surigao Del Sur

Surigao Del Sur was not part of my travel plans for 2009 but this certain place has been on my mind since the very first time I saw pictures of it while surfing the net - one uneventful Sunday morning (which was just yesterday! hehehe).It does pay to stay at home once in a while and go online for a few hours. Click on this link to know why I’m suddenly thinking of hopping on a plane to Surigao. Love it? Leave a comment..Been here? Leave a comment and teach us how to get there via public transportation... JHey let me know if the link doesn’t should be leading you to this site: htp://

The 16th PTAA Travel Tour Expo Experience

Hey, I’m back in one piece from my first-ever trip to the MOA since it opened. Hahahaha! Being the world’s third largest mall with almost four hectares of floor area, it was quite difficult to take everything in for just a couple of hours but I did enjoy every minute of my brief mall experience. I love its structure as well as their amiable information lady stationed near the mall directory. We asked her tons of questions which she managed to answer accurately with a warm smile. Now, that’s good service. My main agenda was to attend the 16th Philippine Travel tour Expo at the SMX Convention, which is an exhibit of bargain travel packages for local and international destinations.

Since I already booked several flights until December, I was quite adamant not to spend on anything at all except for food but I did spot some tempting cheap flights or travel packages such as a MNL-Hong Kong tour for 88 USD. There were also loads of freebies being given out like paper bags, stickers, cds, thi…

Get Travel Bargains at the 16th Philippine Travel Tour Expo in MOA

Hiyee, sharing this info I learned from Kegler747 , one of my favorite bloggers. :) Date:
06 to 08February 2009

SMX Convention Center Halls 2, 3 & 4,
Seashell Drive, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City Opening Hours:
6 February - Friday
11 AM - 9 PM 7 February - Saturday
10 AM - 9 PM 8 February - Sunday
10 AM - 6 PM Ticket booths close 30 minutes before end of show hours Accompanying Events:
Daily Raffle Draws, Entertainment & Games and Exhibitors' Presentations & more surprisesWEBSITE: HOSTS : Philippine Travel Agencies AssociationMe and my friends are friends are going to check it out this weekend. Let me also share with you a secret - it will be my first ever trip to MOA, can you believe it? I'm not really a mall person so it shouldn't be a surprising fact. Hehe..and as with any travel trip, I already have the map for the travel expo. You can also view it here.

My Fave Kwebang Lampas Pictures

I'm supposed to be out of the house now to go jogging but I just realized that I wasn't able to post the pictures from the actual cave in Kwebang Lampas..hehehe so here you go....the pictures are all from Glee and Ren's cam (thanks lovebirds!)...As Charwill my new found sister would say, "Loves it!"...
Beware of the girl in orange. In this picture, we were all trying to do a top model pose but poor moi came out looking like I was posing for a wrestling mag or something. I don't really know how to do it, I was trying to do a chest out, butt out thing but it came out looking like I was getting ready to fight someone.
The second picture was taken near our hut.Believe me when I tell you that I was trying to look sexy on this shot..bwahahaha!
Third pic....Love this one most especially because we had to swim and climb some sharp, unforgiving rocks to get to this point.
This fourth and last fave pic of mine was taken on our way back to the jeepney terminal in Ibabang Po…