My Fave Kwebang Lampas Pictures

I'm supposed to be out of the house now to go jogging but I just realized that I wasn't able to post the pictures from the actual cave in Kwebang Lampas..hehehe so here you go....the pictures are all from Glee and Ren's cam (thanks lovebirds!)...As Charwill my new found sister would say, "Loves it!"...
Beware of the girl in orange. In this picture, we were all trying to do a top model pose but poor moi came out looking like I was posing for a wrestling mag or something. I don't really know how to do it, I was trying to do a chest out, butt out thing but it came out looking like I was getting ready to fight someone.
The second picture was taken near our hut.Believe me when I tell you that I was trying to look sexy on this shot..bwahahaha!
Third pic....Love this one most especially because we had to swim and climb some sharp, unforgiving rocks to get to this point.
This fourth and last fave pic of mine was taken on our way back to the jeepney terminal in Ibabang Polo. We were still a little wet from our swim and since we couldn't find where the well was so we could wash up, we had to go back to town in our swimming clothes. We didn't bother changing kasi sayang lang sa damit..hehehe! I also love the shirt I'm wearing which was given by a friend of mine on my birthday last year. The picture is small and I doubt you can see what's really in it but up close, the shirt had a print in it which said "Soccer Crazy". The design was a fierce looking soccer ball with a grinning mouth. (Thanks moiy for the shirt!)

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