The 16th PTAA Travel Tour Expo Experience

Hey, I’m back in one piece from my first-ever trip to the MOA since it opened. Hahahaha! Being the world’s third largest mall with almost four hectares of floor area, it was quite difficult to take everything in for just a couple of hours but I did enjoy every minute of my brief mall experience. I love its structure as well as their amiable information lady stationed near the mall directory. We asked her tons of questions which she managed to answer accurately with a warm smile. Now, that’s good service. My main agenda was to attend the 16th Philippine Travel tour Expo at the SMX Convention, which is an exhibit of bargain travel packages for local and international destinations.

Since I already booked several flights until December, I was quite adamant not to spend on anything at all except for food but I did spot some tempting cheap flights or travel packages such as a MNL-Hong Kong tour for 88 USD. There were also loads of freebies being given out like paper bags, stickers, cds, thick travel brochures, pens, etc. You just need to keep an eye on those. There were also some talks and shows from different tourism boards and if you want to do a little shopping, they also have some stalls selling cloths from Mindanao, leather belts, bracelets, sweets from Bulacan, Eng Bee Tin’s hopia, banana chips, Virgie’s sweets (it’s a famous brand somewhere in the Visayas region, I think Iloilo or Bacolod) and more. Plus if you’re a food lovah lover like me, you can have a gorge feast from several stalls selling dimsum, Chinese lumpia, Tamayo’s catering, grilled veggie sandwiches, etc.

By the way, the entrance fee is at 50 pesos/head and only 20 pesos (not too sure) for senior citizens. For Globe subscribers, you get a 5 peso discount.

I didn’t want to hoard brochures I wouldn’t need (I pity the trees) so I just got those which I am aiming to explore like Guam and Davao. I also got a brochure for a Formula 1 travel package in Malaysia. I was hoping I can get a Man U in KL travel package but they didn’t have those.

After hitting the travel fair, we had an early dinner at Tokyo Café found in the Main Mall across the south wing of the SM Department store. It serves generous, yummy portions of Western cuisine with a Japanese flair for 140pesos and above.

Lastly, I want to share with you how much I love maps, I don’t even know how many maps I own. My latest purchase I think was a comprehensive map of Sagada, which I immediately covered in clear plastic and since, we are already in the subject of which, I would like to mention that the MOA website has an online map which is quite easy to use. Check it out here. You just need to click some buttons to find the stores and restaurants. I’m not sure if the list in their site is complete though.

Happy restful weekend everyone! Do drop by the SMX convention for the travel exhibit or dine at Tokyo Café if you have the time.

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