A feel Good Post

My two previous posts contains angst over a change in a flight schedule involving Zest Air. I don’t enjoy dwelling on negative things so I would like to end this day or should I say start this morning since it’s already past 2AM, by enumerating the nice things that happened to me yesterday.

1. A friend bought me and Connie a chocolate starbucks frap - my new favorite Starbucks drink which I didn't know they have.

2. Our cancelled Zest Air flight was transferred to Sea Air with no additional costs, which is okay because the Sea Air flight tickets are more expensive. If you book a flight to Batanes for June with Sea Air, the round trip ticket amounts to a little over 12,000 pesos!

3. I was able to wear my favorite turquoise headband which I don’t get to wear as often as I want to because its color doesn’t match most of my clothes. Today, I wore it with my favorite Nike white shirt.

4. I saw Ron (aka Dakota)– the crush of my life. Hehehe! Remember him? I’ve written lots of posts about him last year. I thought I was over him, but I just kept running into him the past couple of weeks and the feelings returned. None of my friends like him because they care about my welfare and think that he’ll just make me cry. I love my friends for that but my heart just can’t abandon these feelings. It’s just a crush anyway, a crush that feels like love. Not that I’ve been inlove. What I feel for him is a bit similar to what I see in movies or witness around couples. Ron is this athletic, smart guy who writes really well. I met him two years ago on a camping trip and hasn’t completely left my mind since. He’s not charming and can be arrogant at times, which is contrary to what I value. I am attracted to him for some reason that defies logic, if that makes any sense. I just feel connected to him though the feeling isn’t mutual. He makes me happy without making an effort. He makes me want to be an even better person. His smile brings me bliss. He's about one of the few guys I was able to talk to and completely had my attention (which is quite a feat because I easily get bored) . He totally had me when he oriented me about the CPP-NPA. Hay. I think we could be soul mates.

Good morning everyone!

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