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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Checklist for my Valentine’s Weekend

  • Some guts
  • A lot of faith
  • My new backpacking buddy – Deuter Act Trail 32 (they sell it in most Toby’s branches) . I think I’m inlove with Deuter backpacks. I feel giddy just looking at mine. You know why? I love the way it looks, it's durable, structure isn't heavy, in fact, it removes some of the load off you.
  • Headlamp and flashlight plus extra batteries for the fearful of the dark
  • Swimming goggles, a waterproof pouch and a lot of water-proof bags
  • mobile phone for emergency calls to love ones - just in case I get tired of talking myself
  • Etc etc
    And lastly ..
  • a map of Davao. Let me share something for the nth time, I really love the EZ maps. It only costs 99 a piece and it contains streets, location of establishments (like hostels, gas stations, churches, mountains) and other landmarks of the area. You can buy it in any National Bookstore branch. They have maps for the 3 major islands, Metro Manila, several provinces and regions. They also sell limited international destination maps like Guam.

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