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Getting Started with Backpacking

I’m done packing for Busuanga! It’s pretty unusual that I got it done the night before I leave. I usually finish a few minutes before I get out of the house . It’s because I don’t enjoy packing and I usually wait at the last minute to stuff everything in my bag.
Some more good news…my left leg feels so much better. The stitches starting to feel itchy so I guess that means it’s starting to heal. I really hope I can climb Mt. Darala on Monday although I'm still pretty uncertain about it. The doctor has advised me to refrain from walking extensively for 10 days. My 10th day is this coming Tuesday. I can’t wait!
Anyway, I would like to share with you how I can afford to travel.
Honestly, I have a lot of financial responsibilities, can’t say I’m well-off really. I’m just good at allocating resources and reshuffling my funds.
It all started with a dream. About two years ago, I stumbled on a traveler’s blog – Ivan Henares. Back then, I read his adventures with a mixture of amusement …

Hiking in Bukit Timah

Weeks before my trip, I typed these keywords in Google – “Mountains in Singapore”. The results led me to Bukit Timah – a hill measuring 163.63 meters or 537 feet which is the highest point in the entire Singapore. I smirked at its  size but at least it’s higher than the highest hill in Chocolate Hills which is just 120 meters. I did a virtual tour in the internet and was instantly attracted to it. It looks like a nice park with hiking trails. I quickly sent an instant message to my friend and begged (actually, more like, ordered) for them to take me to Bukit Timah.

The sun was hiding when we went down at the Upper Bukit Timah Road via a public bus. With me were four of my other friends, one of them was Norman who used to do a lot of hiking back in the Philippines. Prior to my arrival in Singapore, I told him I wanted to visit this hill and judging from the way he laughed, I knew he thought the same thing as I did – this was going to be a no sweat hike. However, I did packed an extra sh…

A Rock Climbing Mishap in Rizal

I’m physically in a lot of pain. My upper left calf was stitched this morning, my back feels sore and my right knee feels strained because I had been walking with most of the force on just one leg because of my wound. The anesthesia has worn off and it’s quite hard for me to move. I feel happy though. I’m still alive and my right leg is still functional. :P

Here's what happened...

At past 9am yesterday, me and three other friends from our office outdoor group met with Marc Gana, a contact from Multiply. He had organized a Rock Climbing 101 clinic in Wawa, in the municipality of Rodriguez (formely known as Montalban), province of Rizal. I have long been curious about Wawa Dam and the Montalban Gorge which was near the rock climbing site so I really wanted to go. I saw pictures of the place months ago, also through Multiply and the amusing mountains and river streams had stirred my curiosity. We were joined by two new acquaintances – Luke and Imee. 
We boarded an airconditioned publi…

Urban Adventure : Jurong Gardens, Singapore

It was a Monday morning in Singapore and the friends I stayed with had to go to work. I was scheduled to fly back to Kuala Lumpur at around 9 PM that day so  I decided to explore the city on my own. 
With plenty of time to waste, no concrete plans and dwindling cash, I decided to travel to the farthest terminal from the MRT, Joo Koon (East West Line) – about an hour or less away from where I was. Before I hopped on the train, I chatted with a nice, elderly lady at the station and asked for a park in Joo Koon. She informed me that there are no parks where I was headed but there’s a very nice one near the Chinese Garden station – a station away from Joo Koon. 
Also referred to as the Chinese Garden, Jurong Gardens features Chinese imperial style of architecture and landscaping. Sculptures of lion, which according to Chinese beliefs represents power, guard the entrance to the garden. As I made my way around the pathways around the park, I felt very relaxed. It was quiet and there were very…

Stay Wide Awake This August 10 and Get Great Deals from Air Asia

I got an email from Air Asia this afternoon regarding their Big Sale which they claim is even better than their previous FREE SEATS sale. OMG!I'm so excited. Opps... which reminds me, I need to save money. Oh well, I'm just going to check what's up. I just hope I can manage to stay awake because it is during these hours that I am sleeping soundly. At exactly 12:00 AM of August 10, Air Asia will have their BIG SALE. So make sure you log on to : my previous post about Air Asia Here.From the Philippines, Air Asia has flights originating from Clark to either Kuala Lumpur or Kota Kinabalu. Both KL and Kota Kinabalu are excellent jump-offs to other countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and more! :) I've flown with them six times and the experience has been great so far. Just keep in mind that this is a budget airline so don't expect much like free snacks or a huge area to stretch your legs. Their staff are nice th…

A Passage for Adventurers

This is one of my favorite passages in the Bible and I strive to live by it. This is what I try keep in my heart when I go on an adventure. It works all the time. I also learned of letting the Lord take charge when I am unable to do anything else about a situation. I was actually in trouble a while ago, but I sought help from the Good Man Above, very quickly, while trying to control my nerves and I beautifully got out of the mess which is the primary reason why I'm posting this.
"Even though I walk
through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil,
for you are with me;
your rod and your staff,
they comfort me."
Psalm 23:4

I want....

I want to go to a place so beautiful, it will blow my mind away.I want to stare at a view and cry.I want to look at it and wonder how such a place could exist.I want more of life.