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Friday, January 1, 2010

January 2010 Trips

Hi. Happy new year everyone!

I woke up at past 12:00am this morning and everyone in our family was almost done with Media Noche. I took an early nap because I was feeling really awful due to colds, my worst ever. Occasionally, I get struck with paranoia that I have tuberculosis or something. It’s that bad. Sometimes, I cough until my face becomes red and my eyes, watery. I don’t need to tell you that the stuff that comes from my nose can contend to the gumminess of Mighty Bond, and it’s green too, my favorite color! Now who wants to eat lunch?! Hahaha! Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Anyway, I looked at my planner and my January is packed. I did made a vow to prioritize saving from traveling but despite having only one booked flight for 2010, I seem to have entangled myself to several little trips scattered around this year.

My travel theme for January 2010 is “Visita Iglesia” – after that Catholic practice of church hopping within the Holy Week. It’s because I have just entered a phase where most of the people I know are either getting married or having a baby and I received invites from good friends to share these momentous events with them. How touching.

I will be making a stop on the following churches:

January 2 – San Agustin Church, Intramuros, Manila – one of the four baroque churches in the Philippines (those built during the Spanish era) and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage list. I will be attending as a guest for a friend’s wedding.

January 9 – Santuario de San Antonio in Forbes Park, Makati – a popular venue for the church affairs of the rich and famous; I’ll be a guest again for a friend’s son’s baptism

January 20 – the historic Manila Cathedral in Intramuros, Manila; again, I will be coming as guest for a friend’s wedding.

Other Trip:

End of January – trail running in Sagada with my BFF’s Jules and Tan. This is part of our preparation for the 2010 Climbathon in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

From February to June, I do not have major travel plans. As mentioned earlier, I want to prioritize saving up. I had a great travel career (if there’s such a thing) in 2009 and I don’t regret any of it but I have to focus on other priorities, then I can finally travel as much as I can for the rest of my life.

Happy 2010 everyone! This is going to be a marvelous year!!!


  1. let's have another P1,500 trip after your sagada trail running! got no travel plans yet also, so i'm gonna stalk you and tag myself along to wherever you guys go (if budget permits).

  2. Hi sexy! happy new year! hehehe

    oo ba! kailangan ko din magtipid kaya limit muna ako sa 1500 adventures after Sagada..hehe

  3. ituloy natin ang quezon! 1,500 trip lang din yun :)


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