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Hiking in Mt. Matarem, Batanes

A year after my first time in Batanes, I had the chance to go back again, solo this time, but instead of a backpacking escapade, it was for work. Since work involved discovering adventure destinations, I made sure I squeezed in some hiking. (Work + play! Yihaaa!).

I coordinated with William of the Batanes Mountaineers. Since he was out of the country at that time, he referred me to a relative who is also an avid climber. I decided to meet with him after lunch and he picked me up on his motorbike. I gulped at the sight of what would be my ride. I don't trust motorbikes especially since I attract accidents. Since I cannot afford to be picky, I took a deep breath and rode at the back.
What's good about motorbikes though is that you can get unobstructed views of the mountainsides and cliffs at the side of the road. I was able to take some pictures and videos. I tried to act as bravely as I could. The ride took about 40 minutes, accident-free. 
Jump-off was at Barangay San Vicente, ne…

Ocular at La Mesa Watershed

August 2010 - I went to the La Mesa watershed to check out the area where we’ll be conducting our tree planting activity. (Take note that La Mesa Watershed is about 20 minutes away from the La Mesa Ecopark though both are inside a single property.) I thought I wasn’t going to break a sweat so I just went there with shorts, a dri fit shirt and hiking shoes. I didn’t even bother bringing something to tie my hair or a towel to clean myself up afterwards.
As soon as I sat inside the briefing area to discuss with Darryn and Badette – our contacts from Bantay Kalikasan, the mosquitoes started feasting on me. I had completely forgotten to bring a mosquito repellant. Prior to my visit, our contacts have stressed out that I should avoid cologne, perfume or other lotions. That morning, I had applied a fragrant lotion - sweet smelling shea butter which I'm pretty sure those mosquitos were utterly grateful for.
Ten minutes later, I was accompanied by Badette, their agriculturist and Tata (our…

My Anti-127 Hours Manifest

I just watched 127 Hours last week. It's a movie about climber Aron Ralston who cut his own arm to save his life when he fell from a canyon and one hand got trapped under a boulder. No one knew where he had gone and so he knew he would be dead if he waited for someone to rescue him. When he had ran out of options on how to free himself from the boulder, he amputated his lower right arm with a dull multi-tool kit. One of the lessons a person can take from it is to always let people know where you are. So here I am, leaving a trace. I actually told my mom already about this trip but it pays to be sure since she doesn't know how to get Sagada. Should I disappear, maybe you can help her out. :P

I will be taking a trip at around 2:00 A.M. later to Baguio via Victory Liner. I will meet with a friend and catch the next bus to Sagada to hike and run around the mountains. My other friends (Jules, Tan, Mors, Ceejay, Noel, Tanya plus 2 more of their other friends) will be meeting me the…

Kayak Adventure in Bohol, Philippines

July 17, 2010 – Upon arrival at the Tagbilaran airport, I rode a tricycle towards the Habagat Outdoor shop in Gallares Street where I was to meet for the very first time - businessman and kayaking instructor, Buzzy Budlong. Just last year, he and a Singaporean guy established the first kayak trail in the Philippines starting from the shores of Saranggani to Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte. The journey took 88 days, 12 days faster from the anticipated completion of 100 days.
After a short chat, we flagged a tricycle from the highway and made our way to Dumaluan beach. It’s a very nice beach with clear water that looks like it was from a pool. It’s about 45 minutes away from Bohol’s capital - Tagbilaran city. It was our jump-off for the first leg of my Kayak adventure. We had lunch by the beach, had a quick meeting (our company’s going to get him for our kayak tour and I am fortunately the guinea pig, sent to check on how the flow would go) .
We proceeded to the shore to get our kayak. I chose…

Travel Tip : Accommodation In Makati

To those who are looking for a clean, decent, no-friss accommodation in Makati, here's a good one. This was where a paragliding contact stayed on his last trip in Manila. I was able to see some of the rooms and met some of the staff. They're really friendly and the rooms smell clean unlike some cheap hostels where you feel afraid to come in contact with the bed sheets. Durban Inn is newly renovated and is near restaurants, convenience stores and lots of taxis pass by the area.

Durban Inn
Website : Durban Inn
Email Address :
Location : #4875 Durban Street Corner Makati Avenue, Makati City 1200
Telephone Number : +63(02)897 1866 to 68
Mobile Number : 0921 255-2072

Rates :
Standard – Outside T&B, Queen Size Bed - 1,100 Pesos
Executive – with Private T&B , Queen Sized bed - 1,300 Pesos
Big Room - with Private T&B , Queen Sized bed - 1,500 Pesos
Deluxe - with Private T&B , 2 Twin Beds, with High Def Cable T.V. - 1,700 Pesos
Rates are inclusive of taxes &…

Mt. Tapulao Day Hike Itinerary

ITINERARY - Mt. Tapulao Dayhike
Location : Brgy. Dampay Salaza, Palauig, Zambales
*Details based from our hike last 2009. Updated from the last time I went here. Read about our first ever Tapulao Day Hike.

March 7, 2009 - Saturday
8:00 PM – Meet up – Victory Liner Caloocan (713 Rizal Avenue Extension, Caloocan City); agahan natin kasi baka maubusan tayo ng ticket
9:30 PM – Departure VL Caloocan to Iba
11:30 PM – Arrival VL Olongapo terminal for a 15 minute break and for them to take in new passengers
11:45 PM – Departure from VL Olongapo

March 8, 2009 - Sunday
1:20 AM – Arrival – Victory Liner Terminal, Iba
1:20 AM – Restroom break, arrange for tricycle to Dampay Salaza in front of VL Iba terminal – rate is at 400 pesos per tricycle during the wee hours
1:35 AM-2:40 AM –Victory Liner Iba to Dampay Salaza Barangay Hall via trike
2:40 AM – Register (30 pesos each and no need to contact the barangay in advance, you can come in as early as 1:00AM), fix stuff, restroom break. Ate Beth – the…

Meeting the Younghusbands

Several months ago,  me and several friends had the pleasure of getting invited to an intimate gathering at the home of a British  diplomat to meet Viv Anderson. He is a former player of the English football team and popular teams such as Manchester United and Arsenal in the 70’s-80’s. Also on the guest list were  some of the members of the now famous Azkals - James and Phil Younghusband and their new coach - Simon McMenemy.

We arrived at the venue a bit nervous and famished. It was a weird mixture of feelings. I'm not into parties where I don't know most people so I had some apprehensions. I was also very hungry and all I could think about was food. Unfortunately, when we got in, we saw no dinner tables, just one table that served as an open bar. Arrgh, it was one of those cocktail events! We were immediately offered drinks which I refused for a few seconds but since there wasn’t much to do and I could not see the waiters circling with trays of food, we approached …

The Corregidor International Half Marathon Experience

I was nervous about joining this race because  - 1. I don’t like road runs 2. I felt out of shape. However, since me and a colleague went here on an all-expense paid trip courtesy of the organizers (our company being one of their registration partners) and that the venue is enchanting Corregidor – I  did not let my  nerves get to me.

When the day of the race finally arrived,  I found the courage to face it  with a kick-ass attitude. I was determined to finish the course with a decent time and  secure a finisher’s medal.  To get one, a runner must cross the 10 KM Marker within 1 hour and 45 minutes.  It would be an easy feat for the real runners but I was unsure of myself as I haven’t been training adequately.
 A few minutes before gun start, I gulped down my favorite chocolate-flavored energy gel  - Stinger (available in R.O.X.  at 70 Pesos/piece),  finished off 330 ML of Pocari  Sweat and did a warm-up run with my colleague and some stretching exercises. I made sure I warmed up wel…