My Anti-127 Hours Manifest

I just watched 127 Hours last week. It's a movie about climber Aron Ralston who cut his own arm to save his life when he fell from a canyon and one hand got trapped under a boulder. No one knew where he had gone and so he knew he would be dead if he waited for someone to rescue him. When he had ran out of options on how to free himself from the boulder, he amputated his lower right arm with a dull multi-tool kit. One of the lessons a person can take from it is to always let people know where you are. So here I am, leaving a trace. I actually told my mom already about this trip but it pays to be sure since she doesn't know how to get Sagada. Should I disappear, maybe you can help her out. :P

I will be taking a trip at around 2:00 A.M. later to Baguio via Victory Liner. I will meet with a friend and catch the next bus to Sagada to hike and run around the mountains. My other friends (Jules, Tan, Mors, Ceejay, Noel, Tanya plus 2 more of their other friends) will be meeting me there Saturday morning so I have several hours to get into trouble on my own.

I am curious about the municipality of Besao so I may go there. If I miss the bus, I may opt to sleep the whole day in Olahbinan or whichever inn I feel like staying upon my arrival. Another possible thing I may do is to hike around. I  still dunno where. It's my 3rd time in Sagada so maybe if I meet some people I may go with them wherever they're going. Haha! I guess it's quite evident that I don't really have a concrete plan for my solo time.

Sunday afternoon, me and a couple of friends will proceed to Tadian for an exploration trip. I have coordinated with the Tadian tourism officer - Lynber Micklay regarding our arrival. We will be sleeping in the barangay hall and do some exploration in the morning. Our ETA in Manila will be next Tuesday - January 25 during the wee hours.

My Gears:
I have adequate food - trail bars, 2 canned goods for Tadian, an emergency blanket, a waterproof jacket and 2 more , 750 ML of water, 660 ML (total of Pocari Sweat), headlamp with extra batteries, Swiss Knife, extra clothes, socks, hiking shoes and tons of dri fit shirts, my fuchsia cap (a birthday gift from Jay), my Rudy Project pouch (courtesy of my brother) and my latest favorite item - a Mountain Hardware lip gloss from my former boss . Those are basically what I have.

I'm not really nervous. Just excited but still, I want to be careful.

I'm excited to write about our trip so see you when I get back!

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