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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mt. Tapulao Day Hike Itinerary

ITINERARY - Mt. Tapulao Dayhike
Location : Brgy. Dampay Salaza, Palauig, Zambales
*Details based from our hike last 2009. Updated from the last time I went here. Read about our first ever Tapulao Day Hike.

March 7, 2009 - Saturday
8:00 PM – Meet up – Victory Liner Caloocan (713 Rizal Avenue Extension, Caloocan City); agahan natin kasi baka maubusan tayo ng ticket
9:30 PM – Departure VL Caloocan to Iba
11:30 PM – Arrival VL Olongapo terminal for a 15 minute break and for them to take in new passengers
11:45 PM – Departure from VL Olongapo

March 8, 2009 - Sunday
1:20 AM – Arrival – Victory Liner Terminal, Iba
1:20 AM – Restroom break, arrange for tricycle to Dampay Salaza in front of VL Iba terminal – rate is at 400 pesos per tricycle during the wee hours
1:35 AM-2:40 AM –Victory Liner Iba to Dampay Salaza Barangay Hall via trike
2:40 AM – Register (30 pesos each and no need to contact the barangay in advance, you can come in as early as 1:00AM), fix stuff, restroom break. Ate Beth – the staff from the Barangay Hall lives just beside the barangay hall. If she’s not there, just let the dogs bark at you and she’ll come over. Hehehe. She’s really a nice and warm lady. She can also provide you the cellphone number of the head of the tourism council of Dampay Salaza in case of emergencies.
3:30 AM – Start Trek
7:30 AM – Arrival – First water source. It’s just a small spring with a bamboo tube at the right side of the trail coming from the jump-off. Water here is cold and potable (drank it myself – but if you have a sensitive stomach, better not take any chances).
10:27 AM- Arrival at the new bunker – the very first bunker you will see from the jump-off. We were told that the people here came only April 2008. The old bunker where we slept before is still there - a few feet away. It’s nearer to the other water source near the camp site.
11:00 AM – Start trek to summit. We used the trail in front of the new bunker.
11:58 AM – Arrival at Summit
12:30 PM – Descent from summit
1:10 PM – Arrival in new bunker.
1:15 PM – Start trek back to the barangay hall
2:41 PM – Arrival at first water source
5:54 PM – Arrival at Barangay Hall, rest, bath time
7:00 PM – Ride a trike to Jollibee Iba
7:50 PM – Jollibee Iba to VL Iba Zambales
8:00 PM – Arrival VL Iba , wait for buses back to MNL (Last trip to Pasay is at 11:30 PM)
9:00 PM - Departure VL (Victory Liner) Iba to Caloocan (332 pesos)

March 9, 2008 - 1:40 AM – Arrival – Victory Liner Caloocan – from Victory Liner Caloocan. There are already buses going to Cubao. Just cross the street fronting the terminal and walk your way to EDSA.

Summary of Information :

Victory Liner Caloocan – Address : 713 Rizal Avenue Extension, Caloocan CityLandline #361-1506 to 10
*Last Trip from Victory Liner to Caloocan is 11:30PM. Second to the last trip is 9:30PM.

Edy Badar – President of Dampay Salaza tourism council
Cellphone Number - +63 9107757212

Reminders :
Bring packed lunch
Suggested Water : 2.5 Liters

Summary of Fees :
Victory Liner Caloocan to Iba – 336 pesos
Victory Liner Iba to Caloocan – 331 pesos
Tricycle from Victory Liner Iba to Dampay Salaza barangay hall – 200 pesos/head (there were 2 of us)

Registration Fee in Barangay Hall – 30 pesos/head
Dampay Salaza barangay hall to Jollibee Iba – 215 pesos/head
Jollibee to Victory Liner Caloocan – 20 pesos/head (evening trips)
Victory Liner Iba to Victory Liner Caloocan – 331 pesos/head

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