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Monday, December 26, 2011

Osmena Peak - Finally!

I was browsing the web when I saw a photo of Osmeña Peak. It was taken at the summit and surrounding the area below it are smaller peaks - like Hershey's Kisses scattered on valleys! :) 

Two days before Christmas, together with friends and new-found friends, I finally set foot on this dream summit of mine.  :) It is not classified as an arduous climb but budget, time and a lot of other distractions prevented me from doing this earlier than planned.  However, when you want something so badly, things eventually fall into place. :)

Osmena Peak is located in Dalaguete, Cebu. Unlike most parts of Cebu, temperature here is low - similar to Benguet's. With its cooler climate, locals use portions of the land to plant vegetables which is why it's also dubbed as Cebu's Vegetable Basket. 

The trail to to the summit  has a relatively easy and forgiving terrain. You can just use slippers, however, it is recommended tha you use those types with good traction (Like those from Tribu, Sandugo, Habagat, Conquer or Merell).  It can be climbed in 2 hours or less starting from the Mantalongon Market or within 30 minutes if you hire a habal-habal (motorbike) up until the assault part.  A registration fee of 20 Pesos/head is paid near a makeshift "gate" near the summit. A guide is not required as the trail is highly visible and there's a nearby community where people are friendly and can be asked for directions. 

Yay, summit! Photo courtesy of EazyTraveler.com
For those looking for a more challenging reward, an option to traverse down Kawasan Falls in Badian, Cebu can be done, but a guide is required. An itinerary can be found at Pinoy Mountaineer

How to Get to Osmena Peak:
From Cebu City, grab a cab to South Bus Terminal and ride those buses plying the Oslob route. There's a 3:00 AM trip. Dalaguete (pronounced as Dala-get) is on the way (1.5 hours from the terminal). Fare is 100 pesos/head (ordinary). You will get off at a junction where you can take a habal-habal.  This is a commercial area where you can buy drinks or grab a quick meal. You will be paying 100 Pesos, one way, should you opt to ride up to the last 30 minutes of the hike, just before the assault part. It's cheaper if you get off at Mantalongon Market but hiking time is tripled. 

Last trip from junction back to Cebu City is at 10PM. 

I'd like to share with you the blogs of my travel companions. Please check them out for more tales of travel and adventure! :) Thanks for the great time everyone! (and hello to CS  new found friends!)
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  1. congrats on your 'sisiw' climb, christine! hehehe.

    so nice to have finally met you! parang one year din ata tayo nagkita after we first chatted sa FB ng dahil sa bag! hope to travel with you again soon!

    ayos ang 'how to get there' mo ah. :D

  2. danda nga... eto next challenge ko sayo: Mt. Hamiguitan (Bonsai Mountain) google mo na!

  3. Hi Edwin! Salamat! I'm so happy we got here. Ang ganda at ang lamig ng weather :).

  4. Enjoyed this trip so much! Trip tayo ulit Christine hehe!

  5. @Ed & Drew - Nice to meet you both too! salamat sa pagsama! Super enjoy ako sa trip at sana maulit pa. :)

    Ed - enjoy "our" bag! hahaha!

    @James - whooooa! ayos yan ah, nakita sa Pinoy Mountaineer...extreme..salamat sa pag-share! :) Dami ko pa ndi naakyat!

  6. I love to be on top of a mountain. With my cousins with my siblings used to climb a mountain before that is just behind their house. We compete who's going to get there first..

    Just like you guys we then enjoy the view on top! But with my weight I think climbing a mountain would be hard for me. LOL

    Great share!

  7. @Gay - thank you! :) Which mountain is that? Sarap naman, back of the house lang. I'd love to have a mountain at the back of my house too! hehe. I loove mountains and hiking in general, not just the summit, basta anywhere na may magandang view! :)

  8. my Gaaaaddd!!! tusok-tusok talaga! Hersheys nga! I'll see you ate this Friday ah for another sisiw climb.

  9. @Dermin - hmpp, may ate talaga. :P see you...excited ako!!! :)

  10. how i wish i was as active as you are in climbing mountains when i was younger. sayang... there's just too many that i've missed :)

  11. an saya ng trip nato Christine! nice to finally meet you. hope to travel with you again soon! ^_^

  12. Pwede rin tong gawing 'training ground' ang Osmeña Peak! :D

  13. @Gladys - never too late! :) Oscar Lopez climbed mt. Apo at 78 :)... Hihi! Astig, I am yet to scale that mountain.

    @Doi - sana maulit pa nga..Thanks uli! Super enjoy ako, especially since dream destination ko to.

    @Renz - yes! lamig pa dito. sarappp! :)


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