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PHL360 – The Philippines’ First Reality Travel Web Series

PHL360 is the brain child of several travel bloggers who have made their mark in the social media scene. This web series aims to bring travel closer to people by sharing the experiences of 8 travelers with different personalities as they go around the country  discovering places and promoting advocacies with their assigned partners. 
If you’ve had a busy week and didn’t have time to watch PHL360’s first episode, hook into the web this weekend and watch the 20-minute video introducing the cast and what the show’s about. 

Photos below was taken at the kick-off party and special screening where I reunited with old blogger friends and met some new ones! 

The Cast : Hooray to adventure buff, Dominic Hormigos, aka Dong Ho! (I’m being biased because I’ve known Dom for two years now :P He’s officially the first travel blogger I’ve met. Gay, you’re not included because I’ve known you since pre-blogging days! :P) 

I can’t wait for the next episode!

Congratulations  to the hard-working and passionate …

Places to Explore when in Makati

Every morning, I wake up torn between two activities that are close to my heart –whether to head  straight to the dining table to enjoy a delightful breakfast or put on my rubber shoes to sweat the "extra blessings" off.

This particular morning, I made a compromise. I gulped down a bowl of soup and got into my usual work-out attire. I managed to push myself out of the house past 8:00 AM. Since it was a Friday, there was a build up of cars on the road and there was ridiculous honking everywhere. It was chaotic until I got to Rockwell where there’s less commotion. The trees lined up along the street near Bel-Air definitely soothed my nerves. 

I walked past a bronze marker on the ground behind a large bush. Engraved on it is a brief history of Rockwell and all I can remember from it was that Rockwell was formerly owned by MERALCO. 
I walked farther and my reliable legs led me to Museo ng Makati along J.P. Rizal Street in Barangay Poblacion.  The building was Makati’s former town h…

Makati's Urban Trail

These days, I find it a struggle to drag myself outside for a run. I know this isn't just a phase but a confirmation that I am ready to shift my priorities  on where I spend my time and exert energy. I won't be detailing it here but what I can tell you is that part of it involves some changes on my weekly routine. 

I'll be spending more time devoting it to my neglected passions - reading and writing. While those are enriching activities, I just can't forego intense physical activity so I'd still be hiking monthly and in between hikes, go out for long walks to clear my head. 

Fortunately, I don't have to travel far to escape from the buzz of the city. A few minutes away from home is my new refuge - the urban trail from Mandaluyong to Makati which I've been exploring for months now every morning when I'm in the mood to sweat. I wander around and duck into alleys starting from the area near Boni. Avenue towards the bridge over Pasig river then to Rockwell Ce…

Eyes on Bukidnon

Hi! I'm happy to share with you that my write-up on Bukidnon, a place I consider as an adventurer's haven is now up on Dispatch Mag Online. :)
Hope you can find time to drop by and read about the activities you can do when in Bukidnon.Click here for the article. 

Love hiking? Check out this list of day hike destinations here.

Guiltless Fantasy : Tirad Peak

Tirad Peak was introduced as a hiking destination in February 2010 at the 2nd Annual Charity Climb organized by Gideon Lasco of PinoyMountaineer. It has been on my  wish list since I saw a video taken by one of the participants. Incidentally, the people in the video are acquaintances I've hiked with in Mt. Cristobal. Small world indeed! :) 
This fairly new hiking trail takes 6-8 hours to summit and  requires two days  due to the  travel time from Manila to Candon, Ilocos Sur.  From Candon, it will take another 2 hours to get to Gregorio del Pilar where the trail starts. 
The commute is tedious but with views that can both visually and literally take your breath away - (check out those steep ravines!), the discomfort becomes insignificant. Now the only question is, when?

Itinerary of Tirad Peak is available here. A traverse can also be done starting from Ilocos Sur to Sagada, Mountain Province. More info. here.:) 

Nothing But Positive Vibes - Circle Hostel : San Felipe, Zambales

I'm in love with mountains and  treading uneven terrains but once in a while, I venture into the deep blue sea to wallow in its waters, bask in the sand and build packed sand balls to throw at unsuspecting pals. :P  
Last weekend, Gay (Pinay Travel Junkie) and I had an intimate college reunionwith another friend from college, Joey who demanded a beach getaway for his birthday. Joining our adventure was Dong Ho of Eskapo, an old friend from  two years back. 
Since everyone was busy with something, we were only able to allot one day for our trip. We took the 2AM bus to Olongapo from the Victory Liner Pasay and got to Zambales after eating and laughing over breakfast   at around 9AM.
Our destination was Sitio Liw-Liwa in San Felipe, Zambales.   This place is known as a surfer's haven. It's not ideal for frolickers like me who prefer to swim or go under in search of seaweeds and adorable water creatures but what particularly drew us to this place was Circle Hostel
Circle Hostel …

First Post for Dispatch Mag : Day Hike Adventures

Hola fellow adventurers! I'm sharing with you some happy news. :) Starting this June, I'll be contributing several articles on travel and adventure at Dispatch MagOnline. :) Dispatch Magazine used to be a newsletter given as a freebie in R.O.X., Southeast Asia's  biggest outdoor superstore which is owned by the Primer Group of Companies. The Primer Group is the same company that brought in several reputable brands such as The North Face, Columbia, Sanuk, Mountain Hardware and more.    
Dispatch Mag is now independent from R.O.X.  (but still under the Primer Group) and is now available online for the perusing pleasure of the tech savvy adventurers! 
My first post is up (Read here). Hope you can drop by to check out the list  of mountains near Manila where you can satiate your desire for a one day outdoor get-away. 
It truly is  a dream come true for me to be able to write about adventure and make some money out of it so I can support my lust for the outdoors. Haha!  Thanks to …

Mt. Pulag - Love, the Second Time Around

Though I've been hiking for quite some time now, my first ascent to Luzon's highest peak - Mt. Pulag was only last March 2012, when I joined a friends' post wedding event. They had just tied the knot a day before our trip and were hiking via the Ambangeg-Ambangeg Trail. Since it was my first time, I decided to do a traverse  and go down via the Akiki Trail so I could see more views and take advantage of the short time I was there. 

While Mt. Pulag was impressive the first time around with its diverse species of trees and plants,  I burned myself out with the obsession of seeing the Akiki Trail and on descending quickly to catch the last trip back to Baguio. I was pretty much  catching my breath the entire time that I didn't get to enjoy much. 

Fortunately, I  had the chance to go back again last May 12-13 with fellow bloggers and several old friends. This time around, I took my sweet time - walked leisurely along the trails, stared appreciatively at trees, took photos an…