Makati's Urban Trail

These days, I find it a struggle to drag myself outside for a run. I know this isn't just a phase but a confirmation that I am ready to shift my priorities  on where I spend my time and exert energy. I won't be detailing it here but what I can tell you is that part of it involves some changes on my weekly routine. 

I'll be spending more time devoting it to my neglected passions - reading and writing. While those are enriching activities, I just can't forego intense physical activity so I'd still be hiking monthly and in between hikes, go out for long walks to clear my head. 

Fortunately, I don't have to travel far to escape from the buzz of the city. A few minutes away from home is my new refuge - the urban trail from Mandaluyong to Makati which I've been exploring for months now every morning when I'm in the mood to sweat. I wander around and duck into alleys starting from the area near Boni. Avenue towards the bridge over Pasig river then to Rockwell Center and finally to Burgos Street which dazzles at night with flashing lights from the countless bars around it. 

As I can't help but be obsessive about the things I enjoy, here's some trivia about my walking route : :P 

Trivia #1 : Did you know that there are still fishes swimming at the Pasig River? In the photo below, the black specks in the water are the crowd of fishes. This sight never fails to amuse me because I had this ignorant misconception that the water in Pasig River is too dirty for any biological organism apart from bacteria to survive in it.  (Back in 2008, huge fishes called "Imelda" were found swimming at the Pasig River and were featured on GMA News. Watch it here.)

Trivia #2 : Rockwell Center was built on a former thermal plant owned by MERALCO. It was named after James Chapman Rockwell, MERALCO's first president.  Trivia 2.5 - I do my warm-ups here, right behind that flowery shrub. :P. This is also where a towering Christmas tree is decorated during the yuletide season. 

Trivia #3 - A few blocks from Rockwell Center are various interesting establishments. And by interesting, I pertain to restaurants, bars and cafes that serve great food. :P Among the popular ones include Ziggurat, which serves a fusion of dishes from Middle East, India and Africa,  for the caffeine and pastry lovers - Paris Delice, Handlebar which claims to have the longest happy hour in the Philippines from Sunday-Wednesday, the sophisticated cuisine of Savoy Bistro (menu here) and Turkish restaurant - Combos Bread Company Bakery & CafĂ© (great review here). 

For now, I'v just been exploring the areas near Makati and Mandaluyong. I'm hoping I can go farther in the next few months, perhaps, find my way from home to Manila or maybe even Laguna on foot. Who knows?  

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