Mt. Pulag - Love, the Second Time Around

Though I've been hiking for quite some time now, my first ascent to Luzon's highest peak - Mt. Pulag was only last March 2012, when I joined a friends' post wedding event. They had just tied the knot a day before our trip and were hiking via the Ambangeg-Ambangeg Trail. Since it was my first time, I decided to do a traverse  and go down via the Akiki Trail so I could see more views and take advantage of the short time I was there. 

While Mt. Pulag was impressive the first time around with its diverse species of trees and plants,  I burned myself out with the obsession of seeing the Akiki Trail and on descending quickly to catch the last trip back to Baguio. I was pretty much  catching my breath the entire time that I didn't get to enjoy much. 

Fortunately, I  had the chance to go back again last May 12-13 with fellow bloggers and several old friends. This time around, I took my sweet time - walked leisurely along the trails, stared appreciatively at trees, took photos and videos of things that caught my eye. It was still tiring but fun! 

Since I had ample time to digest the view, I found myself falling in love with Mt. Pulag's landscapes, the way clouds affectionately descend on it its peaks and the twisted branches of trees where we walked. It's hard to ignore its beauty when you take some time to slow down and drop the other things in your head. ;)

I must go back for a day hike! :) 
The whole gang at Camp 1 
 Peak 2  - one of the 4 peaks where one can witness Mt. Pulag's famous sea of clouds sunrise. 
Our campsite at Camp 2

Our post climb celebration was filled with caffeine and happy chatters at Kaffeeklatsch, a hidden gem for cafe lovers in Baguio City. (Thanks to Erick Dantoc for bringing us here! :) )
Photo by : Gay Emami

I did mention that I was in the company of fellow bloggers. Here are their sites and their posts about our trip. Hope you can  visit theirs as well. :) 
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