Places to Explore when in Makati

Every morning, I wake up torn between two activities that are close to my heart –whether to head  straight to the dining table to enjoy a delightful breakfast or put on my rubber shoes to sweat the "extra blessings" off.

This particular morning, I made a compromise. I gulped down a bowl of soup and got into my usual work-out attire. I managed to push myself out of the house past 8:00 AM. Since it was a Friday, there was a build up of cars on the road and there was ridiculous honking everywhere. It was chaotic until I got to Rockwell where there’s less commotion. The trees lined up along the street near Bel-Air definitely soothed my nerves. 

I walked past a bronze marker on the ground behind a large bush. Engraved on it is a brief history of Rockwell and all I can remember from it was that Rockwell was formerly owned by MERALCO. 

I walked farther and my reliable legs led me to Museo ng Makati along J.P. Rizal Street in Barangay Poblacion.  The building was Makati’s former town hall with the original structure built in 1918. It was renovated in 1991 which converted it into a museum. 

It’s pretty small but I find the limited space quite charming. I felt as though I was just visiting a friend’s house filled with interesting ornaments. An elderly and friendly MAPSA lady stood by the entrance. After signing the log book and getting some fact sheets, I asked permission to take some photos with my reliable 2MP phone. :P

The Museo ng Makati houses a collection of photographs of old and present Makati, Manila Wares (pots with quality that exceeds the existing ones), Filipiniana and antique books, old porcelain, paintings by renowned artist Edgar Fernandez and more. What I particularly love about this museum is they made an effort to label and explain the importance of some of the artifacts. 

 Trivia Trivia! It’s believed that Stegodons once roamed the land of Makati during the ice age. These are extinct breed of elephants with long tusks and thick fur.

The museum only has two floors and it didn’t take me more than an hour to explore. I chatted briefly with one of the custodians, a member of the MAPSA (Makati Police Safety Assistance) and he showed me another room where there were paintings of former Makati mayors.  The two folks I talked to where really friendly and quite eager to answer questions and I found myself extra cheery as I exited the place. They’ve definitely passed on positive vibes on me. 

My next stop was Burgos Street which is lined up with bars that illuminate with a gazillion colored bulbs at night - lady oil wrestling, that sort of thing. I love going in and around the alleys around this side of town during the morning where it’s much more quiet. Here, ladies in skimpy shorts is a normal sight. (How come I don’t see gigolos with bulging biceps?! Just kidding! :P)

I ducked in another street and went inside A.Venue. It’s a mini mall where you can dine, hang-out in bars, get your nails done and do some shopping. There wasn't much to see as only a couple of stores were open. 

Across A.Venue is the Our Melting Pot Hostel which is a favorite among foreign and local backpackers needing an affordable and comfortable place to stay.

My last stop was the Power Plant Mall. It was already past 10AM and it was getting hot!  I went in to cool a bit and hoped the sun would go into hiding by the time I got out. It was supposed to be a rainy day after all. A favorite area of mine  at the Powerplant mall is the Lower Ground which is a foodie’s haven. There’s a row of restaurants on both sides and food stalls lined up at the center walkway. If you're craving for comfort food, you are assured  to find one here. 

I walked briefly around the mall and when I got out, the sun was obscured behind the clouds. Yipee. I got home quickly where I was able to devour my brunch before I dozed off. 

Other interesting places to visit in Makati are the Guadalupe Ruins in Bernardino St., Saints Peter and Paul Church built in 1620, Ayala Museum near Greenbelt Mall (which I hear has awesome collection of paintings and artifacts), Greenbelt Park, Nielson Tower - the old site of the Philippines’ first commercial airport, located beside the Ayala Triangle (where you can find good restaurants :P. Don't miss Banapple! :)). 

Ayala Triangle gardens
Craving for some me time and don’t want to spend much? Just explore your neighborhood! 

Museong Makati
Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM-5:00 PM ,
Telephone Numbers : +63 (02) 896-0277 / 895-8926
Admission is free.

Makati Website : 

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