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Due to my recent fatal attraction to this guy who plainly sees me as a pal, I have decided to channel my energies to gardening while I go devise other methods for our friendship to advance to the next level. I really hope I won’t have to use what I learned in our knot tying course or resort to using chemistry (as in mixing drug with liquor) just to get him. He seems such a nice guy and I really like him. The thing is – I’m like a sister to him. Oh malice, when will you ever cross his heart so he can see me as someone to spend forever with?! Bwahahaha!

Anyway – back to rechanneling my energy - I just bought a Basil plant kit from the hardware and in less than 10 minutes, my plant was ready for cultivation. The instructions that came in with the kit was a no brainer. It would be ludicrous for someone to get confused with it and if you’re interested to try gardening, you may want to start with those grow kits or seedlings you can purchase in hardwares and groceries. I saw some herbs and flower seeds that cost less than 80 pesos. My Basil kit only costs 124.75 pesos and it includes the soil, seedlings, pot and saucer. There are tons of accessories for gardening which I find amusing like those “name tags”, the different pots and more!
The makers of this kit certainly made things easier for starters like me. I have never owned a plant in my life and this is such a painless way to introduce oneself to gardening.  I’m currently testing how far this new endeavor of mine would go. I really love plants and it’s about time I learn to manage them. While I was preparing my plant, my mom wailed. She told me this is what old maids do. Hahaha! Well, I’m too young to be an old maid. It’s not like I have someone at the moment, I would rather be productive than wait and - I would rather be alone than be miserable with someone.
The name of my baby is Cleopatra Wichita. Don’t ask me how I came up with that name. It’s just something I came up a few minutes before I bought the kit. I’ll post her pictures as soon as her leaves grow. The little paper manual that came with the kit mentioned that it will only take a few days before the leaves show up. Yihaaa! Can’t wait, I’ll use the basil for pesto. Yum yum..and while I go wait for the leaves to grow, I got to do some reading about basil !
Here's some of Cleopatra's baby pics....TADAAAAAAAAAA!!!

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