Reuniting with My First Love

Woke up at around 5:30 this morning to do something I haven’t done in months – football practice!

The office football tournament is coming up this November and my beloved OSMA team is gearing up for some fierce competition. It’s going to be a 6 a side game (yes, I know, weird no?!) and we have 19 people in the line-up comprising of 3 gals and 16 other guys…as usual, only about 1/3 of the team showed up for practice today at the Sunken Garden in UP Diliman. We started off with some light drills – which I haven’t done in years. Seeing the cones in the field reminded me of coach Teng’s extensive “ball pealing” (aka ball feeling) drills and coach Toni’s slalom training (dribbling the ball around several cones) way back in High school.

After the drills, we had a scrimmage – 3 on 3 and that’s when reality struck - none of us (with the exception of Totti , the team organizer) were in good condition to last in one football game. I can’t believe it, I thought I had enough endurance, I just swam last Sunday. I have forgotten how intense football can be. Five minutes into the game and I was ready to puke, TJ was spitting on the grass, and most of us stopped running. I scored three goals though..hehehe…the lola still has game or maybe I just got lucky..bwahahaha…

The super short scrimmage game ended after several minutes and we proceeded with the training with practicing penalty shoot-out which is my weakness. Instead of aiming for that space between the goalee and the post, my ball is always headed straight for the goalee.

Milmar arrived after about an hour or so and we continued kicking until our legs gave up.

After the training came my favorite part – eating with the team. The two other guys had to go ahead while the rest of us proceeded to Greenhills to eat and help hunt for Yton’s stuffs (he’s our goalee) He wanted a goalee’s jersey and a camping light. We dined at Gerry’s Grill and ate to our heart’s content. During brunch, we talked about football and other stuff – we were mostly teasing each other about our own unique attributes. Our favorite topic was Yton and his angsts. Bwahahah… That dude complains a lot but we like him anyway because we find him funny.. He’s the kind of guy who’s always in an irate mood and often raises his voice and curses which makes us all laugh because that’s just the way he is. He’s a nice guy though and quite good-looking too. ( I just have to add that just in case he drops by this blog post..bwahahaha…)

Our team is running this Wednesday to work on our endurance and hopefully we can continue practicing and be in shape for the tournament. Team OSMA will be playing with a vengeance and those who beat our team last year better be ready with their spare legs and health card. Hehehehe! (at least my trash talkin skills don’t need practicing).

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