Red Corner Gym Operates Until 12AM + Offers Discounts to Students!

Some time ago, I met with my good friend Jules and she looked really blooming at that time. I asked her what’s the buzz and she said she was taking boxing classes in Red Corner (that nice gym located in the 5F of Holiday Inn). She also told me boxing was really enjoyable plus there were tons of great looking guys… Wow.. sweating with the gym guys sounds so pleasant hahahaha…I have been intrigued with Red Corner Gym since then. I was curious because this is one of the few gyms in the country that is pro to alternative ways of getting fit. Who likes working out with gym equipment all the time?! It can get boring after some time. Well, for me at least…

A few months ago, I finally went to Red Corner to check out their facilities and inquired….

And guess what?!

Red Corner is offering discounts to students –yes to’s too bad, I’m not a student anymore but who knows, I may get lucky one day and get a free work out (ahem ahem..Red Corner people! Bwahahaha!)

The mechanics of the student promo goes like this – You will need to present a valid school ID, fill up some forms and pay only 999 pesos a month! You will have to remain a member for at least 3 months…That’s such a huge bargain for a gym that is catering to the “can afford” market or shall I say A or B market. For more details, please contact Red Corner directly (I’m not a salesperson nor is this a paid ad) or visit their gym for a free tour

They also have promos for groups – if you can form a group of ten and convince them to work out their lazy asses, you can very well get a discount.

Red Corner

5F Holiday Inn (There’s also an entrance inside Robinson’s Galleria), Ortigas, Pasig City

Operating Hours : 6:00AM-12:00 AM – Monday-Sunday ( how accommodating is that?!)

*Perks – free use of hotel pool, sauna area, gym equipments, unlimited boxing lessons, Muay Thai, lockers, shower rooms

Contact Number : (02)634-9943

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