Climbing Mt. Batulao Tomorrow...Yipee

Since the much awaited football tournament, supposedly for tomorrow, was cancelled and moved for next week – I will not be able to play due to another commitment and I’ve been scowling ever since I found out about it yesterday morning. Agh, I hate last minute cancelations. I’m going to miss my team. We even have this nice uniform which feels really great and I was actually excited to wear it. I’ve been praying that the organizers move it on Saturday so I can play. It’s a coed tournament and I knew some of the guys we’re up against and it was going to be fun because we’ll probably ram each other in the field and laugh about it after the game.

On a more positive note - I’m off to climb Mt. Batulao tomorrow on such short notice. I just found out about it this morning when a friend from Sykes Outdoor told me he’s going and I sort of invited myself. Well, he was fine with it and the only problem I foresee is that for the nth time, I’m going to be a third wheel! This other girl is going with us and everyone from the group tease them as an item. Oh no, what did I get myself into?! Maybe I'll just take paparazzi shots of them when they lapse into their “two less lonely people in the world moment” and post it at the group fourm. Hehehehe!

I’m kidding…Peace Jayz and Mira!!!
Wait for my pictures ha..I’ll try to post them as soon as I get back tomorrow.
You know, even though it’s going to be about my fourth time there since college, the excitement is still there. I really hope the weather will be kind to us tomorrow. There’s a tropical depression crossing Central Visayas and is estimated to hit Puerto Princessa tomorrow afternoon.

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