My Christmas Shopping Strategy

With Christmas only a couple of days away, almost everyone seems to move in a more hurried rhythm than usual. I myself have been lacking sleep the past three days because I just started with Christmas shopping. I’m quite disorganized this year, I don’t have a dependable Christmas list, that one I bring around when roaming the stores and I just rely on my memory in deciding who to give gifts. It’s weird but the method or the lack of one is working quite well for me. I was able to buy gifts for a lot of people for a small amount. I also shared the expenses with my friend Glee because we had a lot of common pals.

This year's Christmas shopping is so blessed. I ran into a lot bargain sales and I was able to buy tons of great items and even some silver jewelries. It’s like my guardian angel was the one doing the shopping for me given the fact that I hate shopping. The only reason why I go to malls these days is either to meet my friends or to buy something I really need or really want. Traveling has completely changed my vision. I tend to shun away from crowded places. The peace and quiet I experienced during my rendezvous to far-flung places has become a necessity for me and I find myself lusting to breakaway from the city every now and then. I love the city and I am loyal to the Luzon island - where I was born but sometimes, it just sucks to be here – The noise, the pollution and even some of the people. Eventually I learned to deal with those but nothing is better than leaving all these from time to time.

Anyway back to Christmas shopping - The downside of not having a list – because I felt too lazy to do one is now, I have a surplus of some items. I have one roll of magnetic tape, blue cellophane, silver stuff, etc. I will really have to start one after I sleep.

Oh..and if I wake up early enough, I will be working on my latest endeavor – making chocolates. My brother taught me a new “recipe” and I can’t wait to try it. It seemed really easy and this time – I am swearing on my Alan Shearer shirt and favorite green Petzl headlamp that it’s going to go well. It has to go well, I have to master some dessert of some sort. I even have several gift boxes for it because I’m dead set on giving them out as gifts. By the way – the disastrous truffles I made last week remains untouched inside our ref and it’s looking more disgusting each day. Hay. Surprisingly, it has evolved - now it looks like one big mound of shit in a plastic container, instead of several pieces. My mom stacked them up because they were taking space. Another lesson learn – start with a few pieces first. You know, one of my ever-reliable and loyal friends was nice enough to offer her life – volunteering to eat my truffles but I love her too much to feed her those, plus there’s also my hurt ego. I am too embarrassed to share them to people outside my family. Oh well, shit happens, I am going to have to learn more and try again. Who knows dba, some day, I will make chocolates for the guy I love. Ahehehe! I don't know who that is yet but it's exciting thinking about it. Eeks..mushy.

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