The Way to A Woman's Heart is Also Through Her Stomach - That is if The Woman Is Me

The very first time I met my sister’s suitor inside our house – I felt an irrational but normal reaction any sibling would have. I wanted to pound his face to the ground without knowing anything about him. Fortunately, the sane part of me took over and I gave him a bright smile instead. After a light, routine interrogation, I left them alone. I was again reminded of the fact the my younger sister isn’t five anymore , she’s actually way past her teens but then, I’m the older sister, being extra protective to the young ones is innate, plus being a defender in football for the past 13 years makes me extra aggressive. He better not mess with my sister.

However, 2 boxes of donuts, 1 box of brownies and 1 box of cheese rolls later, my initial first impression of my sister’s suitor has changed in a positive light. I am now looking forward to get to know him more and to see what other treats he could bring inside the house. Hehehe..let me make this clear though - I am not selling out, it’s just that, I asked about him and he seems like a decent guy. The heavenly food he brings are just a plus. I could have bought them myself anyway. I heard the guy is careful with his money and quite thoughtful too. I still need to do some further investigation so I am not letting my guard down, but I am quite thankful to him for introducing me to two wonderful food finds – Becky’s Kitchen brownies and Mary Grace cheese rolls.

Let me tell you a bit about this two amazing foods that definitely made their way to my heart.

Becky’s Kitchen Brownies soft, chewy, not so sweet brownies, the exact way I want it. It come’s with nuts – which I don’t like, but I have to agree that it blends well with the brownies. It’s not your ordinary peanut, I am guessing it’s walnut. I just love them! I actually dropped the entire box because of my excitement when I first saw them in the ref- being a brownie lover and all, but it still tasted great. I love them! I love them!!! Oopps, did I just say that again?

Order Here:

Becky's Kitchen
1061 P. Ocampo cor. Bautista St.
Singalong, Manila
Tel: 525-1648, 523-4245
Info from:

A second bakery is also here:

Community Center, Suha Street, Valle Verde 1, Pasig City; Telephone: (02)671-7606

Mary Grace cheese rollthe first time I laid eyes on the cheese roll, I snubbed it and thought that it was just any ordinary cheese roll. I’m not really a fan of those but I decided to give it a shot one fateful morning when I was doing my morning rounds at our refrigerator. The first bite and my heart swooned. There’s tons of cheese to bite, the dough is as soft as my belly fat. It was cheese roll nirvana! Love it!

Picture from

They have a stall at the 4th level Shangri La Plaza Mall.

You may also visit their website and drool at :

Visit their Café Here:

Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday (11am to 10pm), Sunday (12nn to 10pm)
Cafe +632 858, 0858
Office: +632 821 3197
Mobile: +63917 814 2263

Information that comes with great review can be found here:

To the guy who introduced me to these two fab foods – big thanks to you..but don’t let your guard down, because I still have my eyes on you.

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