Mt. Maculot Day Hike, Always a Delight

The waters of Taal Lake and its nearby islands which can be seen at the rockies peak in Mt. Maculot is one that I have seen countless times but on every visit, I still feel magnetized with the view.

Yesterday, after a month of no hiking, I got the chance to go back with two other friends, Henry and Milmar. Both have not gone to Mt. Maculot yet and I was excited for them to see rockies peak. I knew they'd love it too. 

We started hiking from the rockies jump-off, which is marked by a hut which sells food and drinks. In less than an hour after we started, I vomited. I was definitely not in a good condition as I've been feeling lazy the past couple of months and not as physically active as before. 

With my frequent pleas for rest stops, we reached rockies peak in 2 hours. 

The view is still incredible and all strained muscles ignited with gleeful praises . My buddies Henry and Milmar could not contain their amazement and kept exclaiming praises for the view. 

Above us, clusters of clouds converged, just enough to block the sun's scorching rays as it was nearing 12 noon. We were able to take great shots and relish the winds. It drizzled for a few minutes, then the sun came back. 

We ate lunch at past 2:00 PM. At the hut were we started our hike, we were served delicious heaping plates of pancit! I love the woman who lives here. I keep forgetting her name but she has always been accommodating and very friendly. Two other stores catering to hikers' needs for bath and meals have sprouted around the area but I always choose to stop here as soon as we get down from the mountain. 

As I write this, my muscles are sore and I'm feeling dehydrated. The calories I've lost are crying injustice and in the next few minutes, I will have to eat again. Despite the slight agony, my mind is wandering when I can go back here again. 

Shoutout to my buddies - Henry and Milmar! Til next time!

For a copy of the itinerary, check out: Mt. Maculot Itinerary

A traverse can also be done from Rockies peak, then to the Summit and down to the grotto which is also within Cuenca. As of September 2012, starting from the grotto is not allowed. Consult with the barangay before doing a traverse. Here's my post when on our last traverse : Mt. Maculot Day Hike Traverse.

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