A Rainy Day Hike at Mt. Lantik

Mt. Lantik in Nasugbu, Batangas offers a short but refreshing mountain hike. The trail has mild ascents and  nice views of nearby peaks, making it ideal for beginners or people like me who want to get back into hiking.  On May 2023, I visited it for the first time with my friend, Kirk

Sharing the same jump-off as Mt. Talamitam in Brgy. Kayrilaw in Nasugbu, Batangas, it takes 2.5 hours of car travel from Manila. Hiking to the summit takes 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, in an enjoyable forest filled with fruit trees. Though the hike is short, guides are required. From the registration area (40 Pesos/head), you can secure a guide on the spot (500 Pesos).  

From the summit of Mt. Lantik, there are trails going to Mt. Talamitam then on to Apayang and is also a good option if you want to maximize your time while you're in the area. (Note : Guide fee is 500 Pesos/mountain so if hiking 3 mountains, expect to pay 1,500 Pesos.)

Summer had started last month and the heat was intolerable. At first, I was worried it'll get too hot but while making our way up, cool breeze circled us. Adding to my amusement was the deafening courtship calls of male cicadas. As we approached a clearing, I soon found out why the weather was chilly -  dark clouds hovered, giving a gentle warning of the coming downpour. 

Approaching the summit, small drops of rain began to fall. Soon, the gentle rain turned aggressive, followed by thunder and lightning. We took cover under a makeshift nipa hut while munching on ripe guavas we picked from the trees at the summit. The nipa hut didn't offer much of a cover against the strong downpour and soon, we were soaked!   There wasn't much to do as lightning had prevented us from walking around. 

our guide, Kuya Michael

When rain had stopped half hour later, the fog unraveled a savory scenery of misty mountains, as if to make up for the time we were stuck at the summit. After the rain, everything looked magical, even the plants look healthier and greener. 

Going down was quicker but we had to be careful as the trail became muddier. Thankfully, there are shower facilities at the registration area so we were able to wash off before going back to Manila. 

Hiking Info
Registration Fee - 40 Pesos/head
Guide Fee - 500 Pesos per mountain

How to get to Mt. Lantik jump-off 
By car 
In Google maps, search for “Mt. Talamitan Jump Off” . Link here. Parking is available for a small fee. There are shower areas and restrooms at the jump-off. 

By public transportation
From Paranaque Integrated Terminal Exchange (PITX), take a bus going to Nasugbu and ask the conductor to let you off at Bayabasan Basketball Court in "Kanto ng Kayrilaw" (can be seen in Google Map) in  Barangay Aga. From here, take a tricycle to Mt. Lantik/Talamitam jump-off, 2.9 KM away.  DLTB (in LRT Gil Puyat Buendia) and Jam Liner (Taft Ave, Pasay) are the popular bus companies that ply the  Nasugbu route from their terminals in Manila.  

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