Pico de Loro Day Hike (November 2023)

Before it closed for rehabilitation in October 2016, Pico de Loro was one of the mountains I visited frequently.  Back in the 90s, it was an affordable and convenient option for a college student like me. It was close enough as a day trip from south of Manila and had cheap entry fees.  Guides were also not required then so we could easily go when time and budget permits.  

Thankfully, it reopened to the public in January 2023 and I had to visit this old favorite, at least one more time. 

The return hike with my siblings felt like coming home but with couple of justifiable changes as part of the management efforts to preserve the mountain.  Guides are now required, along with it, higher registration fees (see below for rates and other details) and limited days to hike.  

The entrance to the trail head has also changed. You start at the side of the registration area, an easy stroll beside a nice, clean river, followed by a parade of huge native trees, then the challenging parts - a combination of gradual ascents and  downhills leading to the campsite and summit.  Though slightly more challenging than the old trail, it allowed us to encounter more of the mountains inhabitants including monkeys and birds! 
start of the hike. Look at that huge, beautiful tree!

An average hike takes a total of 4 hours, out and back for an enjoyable pace. A sturdy flight of stairs  leading to its summit was built to help prevent soil erosion and help hikers get down more safely, a needed development to save the mountain and allow more people to see its beauty. 

Post hike, we dined at Seaview restaurants, one of the numerous restaurants that sprouted along the highway near the jump-off. Their tsokolate de batirol is worthy of a return hike to Pico de Loro! 

Pico de Loro Hiking Information
🗺 Location - Mt. Palay-Palay National Park, Ternate, Cavite
✅Age limit for hikers is 17 yrs old and above
✅Camping is no longer allowed 
✅Hiking can only be scheduled on Fridays & Saturdays. You’ll need to register at https://mppmngnp.com to book a slot.
✅After your hike, you can take a quick bath near the registration area. I saw 2 bathrooms, not sure if there are more. 
❗Commuting is possible but a little challenging. There are no buses that'll take you from Manila to the jump-off. You'd have to change modes of transpo a few times depending on where you're coming from. From Ternate, you'd have to take a tricycle to the jump-off and would need to arrange for a pick-up. The road conditions are good and there's ample parking space. 

  • Guide (mandatory) - 500 Pesos, for 1-5 persons
  • Entrance fee = 200/head (300 for foreigners)
  • Parking fee = 50 for motorcycle; 100 for cars/SUV/van
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