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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Writing with a Hang-over : Wee Morning Thoughts

A sip of free lemon margarita
A sip of Nina's mohito
A sip of lemonade which I returned to the waiter after, because I it was the wrong order
My own glass of Pepsi
A cold glass of water
A glass of banana Bailey’s
A sip of Red Horse from a friend
A 330 ml of Red Horse for myself
A sip of Strawberry Rhum from someone's glass
Half a glass of water another person's glass
Mexican food from everyone's plates

And approximately two liters of vomit later, I am back to my normal self.

I can’t sleep yet as several things are going through my mind.

First, I noticed that the way I drink, is the same way I deal with life. I like getting a little bit of everything . I have so many interests, yet so little time and I know that the best way to maximize my life is to focus on one thing at a time so I can master each endeavor. A major hurdle that I am trying to battle is my short attention span. It takes a lot of effort to hold my attention. I think, the most number of time I’ve focused on something was 30 minutes. When I’m talking to someone who doesn’t share the same interest as me, I tend to cut the conversation short and refrain from talking to them the next time I ran into them. I realized that this limits my interaction to people and that it restrains me from improving my social skills.

Secondly, I am excited and nervous about my side job tomorrow evening. I am going to be engulfed by models, people who need to look good all the time and preppy people. This is such a different world. I feel like I am about to enter another dimension where I will come across my alter-ego. I wonder how I’m going to fair in the world of fashion. But you know, the thrilling part is, aside from being the girl in the registration area, I will also get to participate in the backstage. My friend told me that I was assigned to call out the models before they proceed to the ramp. That’s so cool.

Third, I need to sleep already and hope my thoughts will stop running through my head when I hit the bed. I have to be at our outdoor group meeting and Basic Mountaineering Course where I get to blabber about Cultural awareness for the second time. Hehehehehe! You see I’m not a good public speaker. But what can I say, no matter how many times, I embarrass myself in front of a crowd, I never back down. Nyahaha!

hik! good night everyone..oh, it's past midnight..

good morning Philippines..

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