Kikay Tale #1 – An Encounter in Mt. Asog

Warning : Mushy Post

Somewhere along the mountain at approximately 45 minutes from the summit, I encountered an enchanting creature as interesting as the diverse flora and fauna in Mt. Asog.

I had been resting for several minutes. I was tired, hungry and hurting from all the grasses I had to clung to. Out from the bushes a group emerged. From that pack, a person caught my eye.

I smiled at him. He smiled back. I don’t know if it was the mud on my face or the hardened soil on my hands and legs that caused him to look my way. Perhaps it was the way my hair was sticking across my face or the stench of rain and sweat coming from my body which drew him.

He smiled again, and I smiled back.

I had to look away. If this went on some more, I might not have the strength to go down the slippery slopes of this amusing mountain. His smile is like a lightsaber that pierced through my ala-Dark Vader heart. How I managed to remain conscious despite the thinning air is Cupid’s miracle to a lady like me who’s had more than enough embarrassment in her life.

After several minutes of interacting, we parted ways without knowing the each other’s name. Aw, the name behind that handsome creature. I wonder what could it be? Is it as unique as Fatum (The Latin word for Destiny) or as simple as Mi Angel?

The encounter lasted only for several minutes but the way he smiled and the way his eyes crinkled like I was the most joyful thing in the world is a recurrent scene that plays in my head several times during the day and I find myself wondering, will I ever see him again?

I am back in the city and continuing my adventures. I haven’t given up hope that I may ran into him one of these days. If ever I do, will he remember me, or will I have cover myself with mud for him to recognize me? And if I never see him again in this lifetime, I am grateful for the joy and giddy feeling he gave me. Maybe he was my Haley’s comet – that someone that comes once in a lifetime. :P

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