How I Amused Myself One Dark Saturday Night

Oh no, you pervert!

Not that kind of amusement!

Around 11am of Saturday, at the height of Typhoon Ondoy, the electricity went off and after eating, napping, practically draining my cellphone battery texting people and straining my eyes trying to read an old book about a tragic Mt. Everest expedition in 1996, I was left with nothing to do but explore the ideas in my head. It was only past 8pm then.

Argh. I cannot bear not moving. Suddenly, a brilliant idea struck me!

How about if give "teleportation" a shot?

I shared the idea to my younger sister – she’s an adult too by the way and I believe she has kept her insanity intact despite sharing a roof with me for over 20 years. Of course, that’s what I’d like to believe. She’s family, and like any normal supportive family member, she agreed to try it with me. The thing was, we have very different personalities so she went to the mall and watched a movie while I went to Santiago De Bernabeu stadium in Madrid, Spain. It’s the football stadium belonging to the Real Madrid football club where Cristiano Ronaldo is currently playing.

Oh and I met him by the way while walking along the corridors. We instantly clicked because we’re both playful, fun-loving and I made him laugh! His English was better and we understood each other well. I even watched their match that afternoon and he waved at me from the field.

After their game, which they won, we had dinner at this fancy, quiet restaurant and we became instant buddies. He also found himself confiding in me. That freaked me out a bit because we just met. Hello? Feeling close?

I was slightly worried of my private life and thought of how I would look like in the newspapers but then again, why should I care? It’s CR9!

After dinner, we made it a point to keep in touch and I flew back home the following morning.
Hey, even “teleporters” take the plane once in a while because it gets boring zipping from one place to another that quickly.

In the afternoon, I went trekking along this wide, dusty field surrounded by bananatrees. Beside me, was my dearly beloved, the object of my fantasies , the guy I nearly saw forever with. We talked about some stuff and laughed a lot.

Then we rode a paintless 4x4 and there we talked some more and for some reason, he kept staring back at me, as though he wanted to tell me something.

I didn’t hear what he was trying to tell me because I slipped into dreamland after that.

I woke up, several hours later, very groggy. I felt a slight headache too. I guess it was jet lag.

Please help the victims of typhoon Ondoy by donating to Red Cross:
Let us all pray and extend help to those victims of the tropical storm ONDOY.HOW YOU CAN HELP: Donate to the Red Cross Rescue & Relief Operations - Send RED...AMOUNT to 2899 (Globe) and 4483 (Smart). **The service only accepts the following amoun...ts: 10, 25, 50 and 100 (Pesos)


Visit this link to see where you can drop-off your donations. Please be careful where you deposit money or leave your donations. You would want it to go to the people who need it more not to soulless profiteers.

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