An Unexpected Occurrence

I am yet to embark on a new adventure this weekend. Guess what?! I am taking on the competitive world of fashion! It's rather an unfamiliar territory for me and I can't just buy any map from the bookstore or create my own itinerary. I will be enslaved by the events organizer and bounded by a schedule which I had no prior approval.

As with any new destination I went to, I find it a bit scary and exciting at the same time.

The event is a pre-launch of a fashion thing in Aquanox in Makati. I forgot again what they really call it. It's too alien of a term to stick on my mind. I am helping a friend with an event she's organizing and I will be serving as "the girl in the registration area". My friend said, I will get paid, get fed and drink all I want because it's an open bar. Too bad I don't really drink much. There's going to be tons of models and people from fashion agencies. I find it quite hilarious. I surely didn't foresee myself engaging into this sort of thing. Fashion isn't exactly my interest. I like wearing dresses for comfort's sake and I watched America's Top Model and The Hills but that's just about it. I like sweating and mud more. Football is my first love and remains to be my one great love. I've never had it with anyone - the same feeling I had whenever I'm in the field - that feeling of happiness, safety, comfort and contentment, but that's another story.

The opportunity just fell on my lap - which is a good thing since I've been contemplating on doing something new lately. I could also use the extra income.

Wish me luck! :)

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