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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Taking a Leap of Faith : My Stint as a Travel Specialist

Before my current job, I was with another company for five years - bored out of my mind, bound at a desk for 8 hours, doing recurring tasks. I was into backpacking then and like most people who got the travel bug, I wished for a job that paid me to travel. 

The whim turned into an obsession. In my head, I conjured thoughts of getting out of my desk, being asked to go places and getting paid out of it. 

I did not think about the impossible. I knew I wanted it. Nothing else mattered. 

After several months, the universe conspired. While perusing the web, I found a job opening at a local company that specialized in retailing goods for travel and adventure. The position resonated with what I've been envisioning - Travel Specialist. My dream was about to come true and I just needed to meet it halfway! I applied, despite my apprehensions of leaving my comfort zone and possibly lower compensation. 

Everything went by quickly!

Weeks after my application, I was hired. On my first week, I was sent to Nuvali, Laguna to go trail biking. Their sister company organized a duathlon and the route had to be tested before the actual event. After that, I was sent to different parts of the country to test various adventures. 

Just like any regular employee, I had report to the office but half of the time, I was outside - accompanying our marketing officer in press cons, launches, meetings, traversing through waterfalls, ziplining, Facebook marketing, reading travel magazines, whitewater rafting, meet inspiring people who make a living out of their hobby, etc.. etc. It was amazing! 

But it was only half of what I had to do. I had to organize the contacts, create travel itineraries and talk to people most of the time. Much as I was friendly by nature, being an introvert, it exhausted me to be around people all the time. 

Since work involved travel, on weekends, all I craved was to stay home and not talk to anyone. After 6 months into the job, I wanted to quit. Friends I met there were great and our boss is really cool but the job took the fun out of traveling. I realized, I cannot do justice to the role and I had to leave. 

I am now back at a desk job and I found one that was flexible - where I can work from home once a week or when required and with a new boss who's also kind and understood my need to exhaust vacation leaves. On weekends or during VL's, I  hike or do whatever. I am still in touch with my former colleagues who I consider as lifelong friends. 

Although I still have many things I want out of life, for now, I can honestly say that I am settled and it will only take a matter of time for the rest of my dreams to unfold. All I need is to focus hard and work on it. It's not going to be easy but it's the only way to go. 

Everyone should take a leap of faith at least once in their life. You may encounter hardships, go through fire but in the end, it's worth it. You will learn and grow more by getting answers, instead of wondering what could have been.


  1. i totally agree... soon, i will also take that leap... hopefully to a job that will fill my hunger to travel and not be confined in a cube... :)

  2. when you first mentioned to me your profession i was surprised that there's such thing as travel specialist. a job i would definitely long.

    para sa taong mahilig bumyahe mahirapa ata ang trabaho na nasa opisina lang lagi.

  3. I definitely agree with what you have said, "Everyone should take a leap of faith at least once in their life. You may encounter hardships, go through fire but in the end, it's worth it. You will learn and grow more by getting answers, instead of wondering what could have been."

    Great post!!!

  4. astig. parang gusto ko din ng ganyang job.. :)

  5. thanks for sharing this story, Christine! it's really nice to do the things that we love. and even if our leaps of faith are not as we expected them to be, the fact that we took them and made those jumps surprise us at how much we actually need to get out of our comfort to feel that we're alive. :D

  6. interesting to read it from that point of view. nakakapagod din pala kung ang trabaho mo ay magbiyahe.

    thanks for a fresh perspective.

  7. @Mervin - oooh, wow... good luck, aabangan ko din yan. :)

    @Dom - correct, speaking of job, san ka na next? :) Chat tayo!

    @Flipnomad - thanks idol Flip! :)

    @Ivan - sabihan kita pag may opening. :)

    @Ed - long time no talk! Naalala ko, tuwing nakakachat kita eh nasa airport ka. Haha.

  8. Ganyan yata talaga ka playful ang universe Christine. May kasabihan nga, Be careful what you wish for 'cause you might just get it. Many episodes in my life fit this thought to a T. It is quite shocking to realize that what you've been dreaming ain't as sensational as it is in your head. Pero looking back, I've realized that those episodes only allowed me to get to a better place albeit totally different from my initial plans. I'm glad you are too :D

  9. hi christine!! ;)
    i congratulate you for taking that leap of faith that so many of us aspires to do.. hopefully and sooner,, i get to do the same thing as you did.. get out of my comfort zone and really take that big leap of faith..
    by the way,, really nice blog!!! i really like your posts especially about mountaineering.. i also enjoy it.. ;)
    more powers to you and to your blog!

  10. @Drew - you know, I'm really a fan of your honest posts and natuwa ako doon sa mga adventures mo sa Cambodia.
    Cheers to giving fantasies a shot! :)

    @Diana - Thank you ah. :) It's always a pleasure when other people take the time to leave a comment and give that kind of feedback.

  11. no prob @christine! ;) if you have any travel plans, if i'm able, can i join? thanks a bunch!


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