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Over the weekend, I traveled to Baguio to support and spurt cheerful vibes to friends who joined an ultra marathon. The cut-off for the torturous 100KM division was 30 hours which meant I had several hours of "me time."

Since I needed a place to stay for the night while my friends ran their hearts out around the grueling uphill terrains of Baguio, I checked out Roomorama. It's a website with a straight-forward interface that allows travelers and people on business trips to painlessly search and book for different accommodations types in more than a hundred locations around the world. Short and long term leases are available and the prices cater to people with various budget preferences. 
Roomorama website launched in 2009 and with offices in New York & Singapore
Fortunately, I found a cottage loft in a quiet location with mountain views near Kennon Road. It has two bathrooms, a bar, kitchen, 2 living rooms, a porch with wooden benches and a backyard sprawling with trees. 

For 80 USD a night + an 11-USD booking fee, I had an entire squeaky clean house all to myself. It can actually fit 4 people which is not bad for its price. Though I had partnered with Roomorama and they took care of my stay, I was still able to try its interface. I created my own account, inquired on the house and as soon as booking was confirmed, the owner coordinated with me quickly regarding my arrival. I was relieved that I no longer had to sweat on foot in search of a place to stay which I normally do when traveling off the tourist season.
One of the things I love about this home is the backyard.
Front Porch

The second living roomis a great area to write or conduct a brainstorming session

My stay, though very brief was quite  relaxing and I got the solitude I craved  since I was around people a lot the past few weeks.  I was quite happy that the caretakers and the owner's aunt  left me alone after touring me around the house and pointing out the switches. :) The introvert in me was recharged and much as I was supportive to my runner friends, this quiet hideaway made me wish I didn't have to rush out and wait for them to cross the finish line. :P

Want to try Roomorama? Easy Booking Steps :  
1. Go to Create your account. 
2. Search for accommodations. Destinations here. 
3. Inquire on availability of the property by sending a message to the contact person. You will also be notified through email so you don’t have to log in at Roomorama just to check on the status. 
4. Payments can be made through Paypal or Wire Transfer (payments coming from the Philippines). 
5. You will receive a booking code after your payment has been confirmed which you need to hand out when you check in. Do not give this prior to your arrival. 

Tips on Booking : 
1. Check the location to ensure it's convenient for you. Ask for nearby landmarks and don't just rely on the map if you are not familiar with the place and will take a cab to get there. 
 2. Read the "About" portion normally found below the photos of the accommodation to check the amenities and services available. Beside the "About" tab is the Rates/Availability where you can check for the daily and monthly rates. 
 3. Leave a comment about your stay to help others in choosing the right accommodation for them. :) After your stay, a link will be sent to your email/Roomorama profile where you can share a feedback about your experience. 

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More questions? Check out the Roomorama Desk.

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