Salomon X-Trail 2012 Run Results, Photos and Tales

I'm currently channeling the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer look with my shiny nose, burnt by the sun and legs that feel like it has pranced from North Pole to Manila and back. :P And just like Rudolph, I come bearing happiness with some updates from the Salomon X-Trail 2012 which concluded last March 31.

I participated at the 24K Mountain Run, a decision that made me want to kick myself as I struggled to get to the finish line with aching limbs and filthy legs.

According to the adorable sadist race organizer, Neville Manaois, the Salomon X-Trail 2012 is the toughest race course that they have ever designed in and around Tagaytay Highlands. Sticking to their torturous promise, the route agonized our knees and calves and made us bathe in a mixture of sweat and dirt. 

The second half of the route was through a mountain where we had to cling to branches, boulders and hang on to trees for dear-life to avoid cliffs. After we got down from the mountain, we had to survive an "uphell"road and finally a kilometer of downhill to get to the finish line.  There was just no way to escape body pain! 

I got to the finish line after 5.5 hours  of running 50% and  walking the latter half. :P   I'm also happy to share with you that I made it within cut-off time. :p  And since every grueling feat must be celebrated with a happy feast,  I carbo-partied when I got home and my body was just elated to welcome back the calories I've lost. :)

Refreshing views like these remind me of why I chose the longer route

L-R: Sweet Life Runner, Running Atom, Jazz Runner and Mariel, my friend and Brand Associate for Nathan  Sports (Photo Credit : CJ Lampad, Run Adobo King) (Photo Credit : CJ Lampad of
Fellow bloggers (Photo Credit : CJ Lampad of
Post Race Meal  and primary reason for running. :P (This is actually the ONLY photo I took on the race day.)
Race Results are out! Check yours at Will update again for the list of the race winners. :) 

Some Race Photos:
Run Adobo King on Facebook  

Video Highlights : AeroEye Asia

I'd like to thank Laira Legaspi of the PR Department of Primer Group of Companies, Janice Tanada - Brand Manager for Salomon, Mariel Flores (Nathan Sports), R.O.X. Philippines, Tagaytay Highlands (and to the friendly people who reside around it) for allowing us and several of my fellow bloggers to experience the wonders of the trails once again. :) 

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