Travel Essentials : Kikay Kit for Outdoorsy Backpackers

Hi Ladies! Packing for an adventurous escape for the first time? Let me try to help! Although I’m one heck of a lazy packer, over years of backpacking and hiking everywhere, I've learned to ease the stress of preparing for an outdoor trip by having a separate toiletry kit specifically for traveling. It's perpetually packed inside a durable black mesh bag which I've had for centuries (:P) and when it's time to get outside, I just grab it and shove it inside my backpack. 

Since most of  my travels involve either staying in hostels, hard benches or inside a tent, the mesh bag is perfect because I can hang it where ever. It dries easily and I can see the contents perfectly so I can tell in an instant when I'm missing something. 

Here's a list of what's inside my reliable mesh kit apart from the standard soap, deodorant and shampoo: 

1. Insect Repellant - when hiking in areas that are moist, you're going to need protection from mosquitoes and other insects. I normally buy Off Lotion, the variant that provides 24-hour protection. 

2. Lip Gloss with SPF or Petroleum Jelly - for extreme temperatures, you're going to need to protect your lips from windburn or the sun. Avoid chapping your precious lips and apply these when you go out. 

3. Alcohol that comes in an atomizer - I love Hygienix ethyl alchohol. It's a disinfectant that smells great on your skin. When I camp, I can go for days without a bath and spraying this all over addresses the icky sticky feeling. Having your alchol in an atomizer is also helpful when hiking in places where limatiks/blood leeches are abundant. When an unforgiving sucker springs on you, just relax, grab your atomizer and spray it on them. They wriggle away instantly. 

4. Facial Sunblock and Moisturizer - protect your skin and avoid sun spots by putting one on. A good brand which isn't too sticky is Nivea Sun Daily Face Fluid with SPF 50. It also offers UVA & UVB Protection. According to, "UVA rays are responsible for the aging effect of the sun...overexposure to UVA rays can cause skin cancer. UVB rays are responsible for sunburns and skin cancer."  

5. Toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash - I especially love the Dentiste combo - a small travel toothbrush and toothpaste. The toothpaste works wonders in making my teeth feel amazingly clean, like I just had a dentist cleaned my teeth. I am not kidding and this is not a shameless plug. :P On the other hand, I use a mouthwash when I don't have the luxury of ample water supply and I want to clean my teeth a bit. 

6. Wet Tissue - I use these to clean myself when there are no facilities for a decent bath.

7. Baby Powder &  Mirror - applying loose powder instantly makes me feel refreshed after a strenuous day hike. The mirror , apart from allowing you to check if you still look human is  also a valuable inclusion in a survival kit. It can be used as a signal device for others to track your location . 

Kikay Kit Must Haves of Fellow Bloggers :
If you like paying attention to details like I do (actually, that’s just my excuse to be nosy :P), you’re also probably curious on what other ladies bring so I’ve also asked several blogger friends to share their toiletry kit must haves while on the road :

Eyelash curler, Chapstick lip balm, Obagi facial sunscreen, Johnson's Baby Oil with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, Vitress hair polish sun protect – Gay Emami, Pinay Travel Junkie  

SPF 50 Face and Body lotion, Toothbrush/Tooth paste/Mouthwash, Fff lotion spray, sachets of soap/shampoo/conditioner, baby powder – Jules Picato, Trail Running Mistress 

Body wash to avoid drying the skin and cologne - Gael Hilotin, The Pinay Solobackpacker 

 And there you have it, tips on what to include in your toiletry kit. Happy trip ladies!

This is a post I prepared in collaboration with another good friend of mine,  Josiah Sicad of  Check his post here on what's inside a male traveler's so called, pogi-pack. :P

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