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Friday, April 20, 2012

Tree Hugging Adventures

I'm not a hugger by nature. I stiffen when someone hugs me, (even if I'm an unbelievably cheerful character, powered by a daily dose of caffeine), it's highly unlikely that I'd be the type to give you a warm hug on a bad day. So I normally just say, "Awwww, virtual hug!" when someone's in dire need of one. :P

In some rare occasions, where I have given hugs, it had to be a close friend who forced me for a warm, tight squeeze to which I squirm afterwards. 

So, I was quite astonished when I discovered during a travel to Butuan, that I have this eccentric desire to hug big trees. I feel giddy and happy when I get to hug trees with enormous trunks that I can barely wrap my arms around and you bet I demand friends to take my photos for a souvenir shot. :P
Declared in June 1998 by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources as the Philippine Centennial Tree. This Bitaog Tree  in Magallanes, Agusan del Norte is one of the Oldest trees in the Philippines, at least 500 years old and  290 centimeters wide.
Mt. Makiling - near the College of Forestry  
Rizal Street in Zamboanga City is lined with decades-old Acacia trees

How about you? Hugged a tree today? :P 


  1. i hug trees too!
    the second tree photo- ohhhh, i miss home!

  2. this is cute. i wanna hug trees too :)

  3. @Journeying James - aww, Maktrav uli pagbalik mo! hihi. Uy patingin ng tree hugging pics mo! :P

    @Mich - hihi, oo nga pala. Was busy thinking about TNF 100 in Baguio.

    @Ivan - game! :)

  4. hahahaha... lucky trees to get christine's rare hugs!

  5. @Lakbay Philippines - hahaha! btw, naiintriga ako, bakit lakbay diva ang link mo? :P

  6. cool! now you inspire me to hug trees whenever I see one :D

  7. @Joanne - haha, thanks! Hug trees in Bali! hihi..Btw, your Nanbantei post was really helpful. Thanks din.

    @Lakbay Philippines - Love it!!!! :P


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