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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tinglayan Travel Guide (Kalinga)

Tinglayan is a scenic municipality of the province of Kalinga, located 3 hours away from its capital, Tabuk. Its community is surrounded by lush mountains with the Chico River flowing on one side. It is a destination for those who love nature, hiking and immersing into other cultures.

Before you visit Kalinga, it is highly recommended to read this nicely written and informative article from Kayumanggi Trails for an Outsider’s Guide to Kalinga Sensibilities.

How to Get to Kalinga : 
From Manila, ride a Tabuk-bound bus from Victory Liner Kamias. Fare is 569 Pesos as of August 2012 (One-way, aircon).
Website : www.victoryliner.com
There are about three tips departing in the evening for Tabuk. Call the terminal to confirm prior to your trip. Tickets can also be purchased in advance.
Travel Time : 12 hours

 As an alternate, you can also ride a bus to Tugeugarao (599 Pesos), also at the same terminal as this has more trips. From Tuguegarao, Tabuk is 1.5 hours away by public van which are parked at the side of Brickstone Mall, less than a 10-minute walk across the Victory Liner terminal in Tuguegarao.

Another option would be to travel via Bontoc or Baguio. From Manila, Cable Tours has a single daily trip to Bontoc (650 Pesos) departing at 8:30 PM.
Address : E. Rodriguez Sr. QC., across Trinity University of Asia
Call +63 09298194688 to verify the trip schedule.

To go back to Manila, you can take an afternoon bus from Tabuk or make your way to Tuguegarao which has several buses departing in the morning for Manila. Victory Liner, Florida, Dalin bus lines have trips back to Manila. You can also continue your adventures to Baguio City. Tabuk and Dagupan have bus terminals servicing this route. (Fare is 450 Pesos, non-aircon), most of which depart in the afternoon starting at 3:00 PM.

How to Get to Tinglayan : 
From Tabuk, ride a jeep or bus in front of the police station across the St. William’s Cathedral. Be there by 9:00 AM. Fare is 120 Pesos and travel time is 3 hours around the mountains with breathtaking views and deep ravines. Ordinary buses to Bontoc also pass by Tinglayan.

Activities Available :
1. Hike Sleeping Beauty (also called as Mt. Mating-oy Dinayao) –it’s an 8-hour hike to its summit according to a local guide I consulted.
2. Trek to Palan-ah falls and hotsprings.
3. Visit the local tattoo artists.
4. See the Chico River up-close. Please check with the tourism office and check weather forecast before taking the trail down. The trail is less than 20 minutes down at the back of the elementary school in Tinglayan.

More sights here : http://www.nscb.gov.ph/rucar/fnf_kalinga.htm

 Tinglayan Accommodations : 
1. Sleeping Beauty Inn – situated near the major road and also has nice views of Sleeping Beauty.
Rate : 200 Pesos; has a restaurant overlooking the Chico river and a store where you can buy groceries and souvenirs.

 2. Riverside Inn – 250 Pesos/Head, situated in Brgy. Lup Lupa. The accommodation is beside the Chico River. The jeep/bus to Tinglayan will pass by Brgy. Lup Lupa

3. Homestays – check with the local tourism office.

Guide : Francis Pa-In - +63 0915-769-0843 Rate is 800 Pesos/Day (1 PAX), for two, 500/head. The guide fee lessens per additional person.

Budget : Ideal budget depends on what you want to do but mine was just 2,500 Pesos for two nights. I decided to just walk around town and wade at the Chico River.

Other Helpful Reads : 
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4. Lakwatsero
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  1. I want to go, but I'm still thinking about the 12++ hours of land travel. :\


    1. you can travel by air from manila to tuguegarao just for an hour. Then 1.5hr by land to tabuk. another 2.5-3 hrs to tinglayan.

  2. Very helpful guide! Wahhhh! Nauhan mo pa ako magsulat... hahaha! :)

  3. @Mich - worth it ang views :) Actually, 15 hours ang byahe if going to Tinglayan.

    @Pinoy Adventurista - thank you! Your compliment means a lot kasi IT master ka. Hihi! :) Can't wait for your Kalinga posts, dami mo kasi byahe, so much to write!

  4. This is very useful! :) I'm headed to Tinglayan for the long weekend.

  5. I will be in Tinglayan Kalinga a few days from now. I can't wait to see the beauty of this place. shitifujon.blogspot.com

  6. Hi Ruby! :) You are welcome! How was your trip? I'm really sorry for the delayed reply.

    @S. Gamboa - Thanks for dropping by and hope your trip went well. :)

  7. Nice travel guide, we plan to there this Sunday (you can come tin) papa tattoo ren daw si Gaye. Luna is coming too w/ a baby porter.

  8. Very useful, thank you! I used this guide when I went to Buscalan in February 2014. May I add something on this useful information? The Sleeping Beauty Inn doesn't provide accommodation anymore but you can have amazing and cheap local food there! more info about my trip here: http://www.albaluna.es/en/are-we-there-yet/


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