Food Quest : Kaffeeklatsch, Baguio City

I love cafes!

More than the aroma of brewing coffee beans, it's  the cozy atmosphere and  fascinating interiors that I look forward to when visiting one.

Fortunately, finding a great cafe in the Philippines is just a Google away and in some cases, from the angelic advice of a fellow outdoor lover and blogger.

In a recent hiking trip to Mt. Pulag, our group decided to relax and grab some snacks in Baguio City before heading back to Manila.

One of my companions,  Erick Dantoc  of Road Worthy Man, suggested we check out Kaffeeklatsch.

"Cafe clutch?!" was how I repeated it and  images of car clutches started swirling in my head.  My ignorance was in full swing that day. Who names a cafe as such?

We hailed a cab from the Victory Liner terminal, and in less than 20 minutes, we reached Caltex at the corner of City Camp Road. Erick couldn't remember the exact location so we walked a few blocks from the gas station to the cafe which we found on the left side of the road.

A wooden signage with the cafe's name on it hang from its ceiling. Kaffeeklatsch originated from two German words - Kaffee = coffee and  Klatsch = gossip.Currently, it is used as a single word to describe an informal social gathering for coffee and conversation. (thanks Merriam-Webster!)

As soon as we stepped in, we started marveling at the place like little kids gallivanting in an enormous chocolate factory.

The first area resembled a living room that had several leather couches and benches .  To our right was another tiny room that looked a chess area filled with colored chairs. Beside it was  another space where trophies and bottles were displayed in a wooden cabinet.  

It was a Sunday but since the cafe just opened up for the day, there weren't many people.  
Living up to its name for coffee and talk, there aren't a lot of  food selections - mostly just pastas and cookies.

Since I was in the mood for something spontaneous, I opted for the Coffee of the Day, whatever that is.A cup of hot coffee starts at 75 Pesos while pastas cost less than 200 Pesos a plate. The counter where you need to place your order was toward the back area near the restrooms. 

We chose to sit at the second floor which had a low ceiling.  Around 6-7 feet high only on some parts.  It had a bigger seating area where you can chose your own quiet spot. We settled at the couches near the stairs and we still could not stop admiring the place at this point.

 Coffee arrived before we missed it and it pleased me as much as the interiors did.  As I am someone who has coffee pumping into my system, perhaps even more than blood, I've developed a selective taste when it comes to this beloved brews.   This did not disappoint. Even my companions who opted for fruit shakes were equally pleased.

We spent the entire time just chatting, reminiscing our fun hike and enjoying our drinks.  Capping off our Pulag adventure couldn't have been more perfect. :)

And since I really had an amazing time during this trip, I can't help but share with you our group photo taken  by Louie of Travel Factor who we met along the trail. (Hi TF! :))

L-R : Gay &  Shervin Emami, Erick Dantoc, Joseph Dy, Izah Morales, Moi, Marky Go and Olay Rullan. Photo taken in one of our rest stops while hiking in Mt. Pulag
39 City Camp Road, Baguio City, Philippines
Business Hours :
Tue - Fri:16:00-00:00
Contact Number : +63 917 528 5282

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