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An adventure exhilarates your heart's glorious thumping and at times makes your pores cry buckets of sweat . Such necessary exploits that add meaning to life doesn't always involve climbing a mountain, diving underwater or rappelling down the depths of the earth. It can be about finding and devouring edible treats. While a great food can be found a few blocks away, you should not limit yourself to what's accessible. Explore the food in other places. The world is abundant of it! 

I'm sharing with you a list of essentials when I go wandering in for the sole purpose of satisfying my belly's endless craving. 

When you finish the list, feel free to share yours! :) 

1. Sling bag - I found this useful green bag while traveling in Butuan which can fit practically everything I need to go around . Its design frees both hands which allows me to take a photo and eat a stick of something on my other hand. It's also ideal for sampling street food so I won't have to worry of finding a place to put my stuff down. 

2. Camera - Apart from taking photos as a reminder of awesome times, it also lifts up your mood. You can also take shots of signages/menus when you're feeling too lazy to write notes. 

3. Notebook & Pen - For people like me with a memory that sporadically goes on vacation, writing notes while on the road helps me remember where I found that great meal, how much it costs and how to get there. Since I also love to write and upload photos on Facebook , it's very useful to have a pen and paper which I can always check back and share information to people. 

4. Alcohol - spraying or pouring some alcohol before putting anything on your mouth is a good practice to avoid getting sick while traveling. It can also be an instant freshener if you use the alcologne types. I love using Hygienix. It does not smell like alcohol at all. I use the ones that come with an atomizer which I just refill and I often get feedback that it smells great. Tada! I don't even have to buy cologne anymore. :P. 

5. Medicine - a first aid kit is a must have when traveling but in reality, most people feel too lazy to carry one, myself included. Fortunately, spending time in the outdoors has helped me wrap the idea in my head. If you love to eat, keep antacids and loperamide in your bag. If you have allergies, better bring prescribed medication. 

6. Mints - these serve as instant breath freshener as well as emergency food - until you get somewhere where there's something to eat. 

7. Towel/Handkerchief - these are very useful cleaning spills and wiping sweat off when you're in a humid location or trying something very spicy. It's always advantageous to look fresh and practice good hygiene.

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