Going Farther

When I was in grade school, I considered it a huge feat for discovering this huge vacant lot within our village with tall grasses and trees sprawled around it. It looked like a mini forest and I felt strongly drawn to it. Me and my cousin got there on foot. We just walked out of the house – at the time when kidnapping was at its peak and weren’t allowed to wander very far. That day, we somehow managed to escape the eagle eye of my mother and walked as far as our little feet could take us. Our gears back then were a reliable pair of girly slippers and cotton shirts and shorts. We were tired and sweaty by the time we got there but the blow of the wind and the sight of nature amidst an urban setting recharged us and we made our way back home safely as if nothing happened.

I then got into the Girl Scouts movement where I didn’t excel. I was assigned the boring posts. I’m either the cheerleader or the grub leader. Back then, everybody knew it’s the patrol leader who does everything. Haha! The grub leader was just a sorry excuse for a post, at least that’s what it was in our batch. What I enjoyed most about it was the camping part but the other parts like the bonfire and cheering – ewww!

My dad also used to take us everywhere and it is in Nueva Ecija where I experienced my first real hiking trip. My relatives led us to this river which we could reach by doing a short hike inside the woods. Along the way, I saw a spring – the first real spring I’ve seen in my entire life. It was at the same trip when I have fallen inlove with nature.

When I got into college, I finally joined a mountaineering club which enabled me to travel all over Luzon. My first climb with the group was in Morong, Bataan. We rode a ferry and trekked for three hours to get to our campsite which was several feet away from this waterfalls. My first tentmate became one of my best friends. It was also in that club were I was able to find other great friends I could trust.

Since then, the list of destinations I wanted to see became longer and year after year, I am able to tick some off those list. But then, it is replaced with another and I know my list has reached infinity. I realized that it is when you see more when you know  there’s still more you missed. It is a fact that I accept with humility and I am thankful for what I have seen and will be seeing in the future.

So here are some entries in my list (in no particular order) which I dying to do. Damn, they farther and farther and expensive! I need a new job soon.

1. Machu Picchu, Peru
2. Costa Rica
3. Guam
4. Sri Lanka
5. Hike in Nepal
6. Hike in the Amazon
7. Do some hiking around the Grand Canyon
8. Ride an ultralight plane in Bukidnon
9. Go skydiving somewhere in the Philippines
10. Visit one of my bestfriends in Alberta
11. Visit my friends in Melbourne
12. Visit my friend in New Jersey
13. Iloilo
14. Siquijor
15. Dumaguete
16. Cotabato City for Le Rosa Bakeshop!
17. Go to outerspace! It sounds crazy but no, there are actually tours for outerspace already offered in Russia but they cost a fortune!
18. Hiking in Africa!

Proverbs 16:3

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