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Philippine Online Contests 2010 (and Overseas)

Four months left in 2010 and there is no stopping of the good things that are coming your way!

 I was browsing the web  when I came across several online contests that sparked my interest because the prizes are amazing! I am also including some seat sales and other interesting announcements on this list.

1. World Nomads (travel insurance provider) - all you have to do, is share something about a previous trip that went oh so wrong! Contest details here
What you can win :
Option One
Give Back: Go native in Fiji
Join the Tribe in Vorovoro, Fiji with Tribewanted.com, living on the beach and learning local Fijian customs.
Option Two
Learn a Skill: Tango in Argentina
Study Spanish and Argentinean Tango with GoLearnTo.com in the vibrant city of Buenos Aires.*
Option Three
Immerse Yourself: Discover Turkey
Discover the Turkey Trails with Tucan Travel, an authentic travel experience mixing culture and history.
Option Four
Get Off the Beaten Path: Cycle through Cambodia

2. Pantene I Commit to Change
- More details here
What you can win : Ipad

3. Air Asia  Seat Sale to Japan!
Booking is from September 23-26, 2010

Travel Period is from December 9, 2010- July 31, 2011
Fly from KL to Haneda, Tokyo for as low as 1,547 Pesos, one way, all in!
Log on to their website for more details

4. Pinoy Mountaineer - online source for Philippine Mountaineering destinations is coming up with an 18-person expedition to Nepal. This one's another dream of mine. :) Hope I can go.
Excerpt :
"PinoyMountaineer.com is floating the idea of forming a team of 18 persons who will be going on an 18-day expedition to Nepal to climb Imja Tse, popularly known as Island Peak, and visit the veritable Everest Base Camp. We have received offers of affordable, very mountaineer-friendly rates for the said expedition. The goal is to set the budget to within P100,000/person."
More details here.

By the way, my friends and I started a Facebook group that aims to facilitate the sharing of travel information among Filipino backpackers, if you have Facebook, please join our group. Click here to join:
Pinoy Backpackers . See you online! :)

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