The Wholesome Threesome - Part 1

They say three's a crowd but for me and two other friends, that meant - thrice the fun, thrice as many destinations visited and thrice the adventure!

Meet our lovely trio - me, the couple - Ren and Glee. We started our adventures with just the three of us in 2008, but the year before that, we traveled with a bigger group. We were all novices at mountain climbing and backpacking but instead of waiting for groups to join, we organized our own adventures and chose to see the bright side in everything that happened during our trips. So every wholesome threesome trip is a great trip! We used to call our intimate trio as the Happy Three Friends. We weren't splurgers at traveling but our experiences during our numerous, uncomfortable but fun trips surely created fond memories I would treasure forever.

Phil Pan Dive Resort, Mabini, Batangas
As a trio, we've gone mountain climbing in Mt. Arayat and Mt. Manabu, had backpacking trips in Ilocos Norte. Other times, we'd go with my other friends who are also avid travelers.

Mt. Arayat

Paoay Church, Ilocos Norte
Patapat Viaduct, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte
Kapurpurawan White Rock Formation, Ilocos Norte
Cafe Herencia, Ilocos Norte
We haven't traveled much this 2010. With Ren migrating to Canada and several changes occuring in our careers, I doubt that a reunion will occur any time this year. We are still good friends but things in our lives  have changed and so we must adjust. I promise myself we'd have another adventure together. Maybe it won't be just us trio but with our other friends as well. (I miss you both Glee and Ren!) At least Glee's still in Manila (I'm just not sure for how long, wink wink) so hopefully we can still travel together some time soon.

What's great is that I still have my bffee's to travel with. It's another wholesome threesome thing with Jules and Tan (old friends from college). Soon, it's going to be a quadruple thing with our newest friend Ceejay - who happens to be  one of Tan's closest friend from his new mountaineering group. :p

New Travel Buddies  

Past adventures

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