Salomon X-Trail Run 2012 - Tagaytay Highlands

I thought I'd take a rest from trail running this year but when I received an invite to try a route for an upcoming race by Salomon, a French mountain sports brand, I could not say no. 

You see, weeks before the test run, word got around that the 24KM route is the toughest trail course ever designed within Tagaytay Highlands by the charming and sadistic race organizer - Neville Manaois. Their group is responsible for coming up with routes that caused the death of a thousands toe nails, induced powerful muscle cramps and made runners discover body parts they never thought could hurt.

Under the belt of the organizing team are grueling routes of popular races such as The North Face Baguio, TNF CamSur, 1st Nathan Ridge Run, 2010 Salomon X-Trail Subic and more. While I can hardly be considered a strong runner, my alter-ego - the masochist, hyperactive, nature lover was drawn (such eccentric and scary combination!).

Last Saturday, together with 12 other runner bloggers, members of the Philippine Skyrunning Association and Salomon's Brand Manager - triathlete and podium finisher Janice Tañada, we got more than a glimpse of the trails and  finished with some scratches and plants clinging on our clothes. Needless to say, I was pretty much breathless the entire run. :P

You're going to be in for some wonderfully steep surprises! See you inTagaytay Highlands on March 31, 2012. :)

The trail guinea pigs. Photo Courtesy of Mr. Rene Villarta -
P.S. Sorry to inform you that as of this writing,registration for all divisions have closed.

Race Reminders :
1.The Salomon Xtrail Pilipinas event is a green run event.  Part of being a green event means NO plastic cups, NO bottles will be given away. All runners should to bring their own hydration bottle/belt/gear/bag.  

2. The route will be 60% trail 40% road for the 6K and 12k categories.  The 24km route will be 70% trail, 30% road.  The trail surface is soil & rocks.  There will be no river crossing, but a creek might form if it rains. 

3. What to wear : It is best that you wear trail running shoes for the 24K event.  It is recommended that you wear trail running shoes for 12k and 6k.  You probably can finish the 6k with road running shoes. We recommend that you use trail shoes for the run to avoid untoward incidents. However, we cannot stop you guys from wearing any shoe of your choice.

4. Transportation Arrangements :
You have the option to add 350 in the registration fee, for a chartered bus from ROX BHS to Midlands & back.  If you wish to bring along companions, just indicate it on your form and pay for the additional fees.  As of March 12, you are only allowed to bring 1 additional companion after you pay the additional 350 fee.

Walk-ins in Tagaytay Highlands are not allowed. If you are not a member of Tagaytay Highlands, you need to coordinate with Salomon if you are bringing your own car.
Please contact them at : 

Race Website : Salomon X-Trail Pilipinas / Facebook 
Tagaytay Highlands on Facebook 
Tagaytay Highlands Website 

Special thanks to Primer Group's PR team, the lovable Laira Legaspi and Mico Angelo Omac for taking care of us, the management of Tagaytay Highlands for the awesome fish fillet lunch and tour. To Janice Tañada of Salomon, Mariel Flores of Nathan Sports Philippines and Team R.O.X.. -  thank you for allowing us to see a  preview of the hard work you've done to encourage people to try the trails! :)

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