Tribute Thursday - Jules, the Trail Running Mistress

Mt. Ampacao, Sagada - 2010
If there are ladies labeled as Little Miss Sunshine, my good friend Jules, back in her high school days was the runaway title holder for Miss Scary Dark Clouds. She stalks the halls of our classroom with her back hunched a couple of centimeters to the floor as though she has this invisible thread tied to the waste of Hades. :P The overenthusiastic, obsessive, always laughing little version of me just could not find a way to mesh with her so our paths hardly crossed.

A year after high school, all the bad vibes that's partially attributed to teenage drama , melted off from Jules when she co-founded our college's first outdoor club and she was able to excavate tremendous delight in exploring the outdoors and extend it to others. Her MSDC title became a myth and we've become great friends and adventure buddies since.
Trek to the Secret Falls :P
Today, Jules works with an NGO that allows her to travel to Mindanao extensively. She has also found love in the form of a sport called sky running (running at mountains with an elevation of 2,000 MASL & above). We continue to travel together when our schedules jive and  like in college, we still confide to each other about our little dramas at the most unusual circumstances - be it while hiking in the mountains, while river trekking, riding a habal-habal or wherever.

Read about her running adventures on her blog, the Trail Running Mistress. My favorite read was the story when she hiked Mt. Apo in a day. :) You can also follow her on Facebook .

To bffeeee Jules - thank you for supporting my crazy adventures and mishaps! :) 

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