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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dropping By Leyte and Samar

I’ve always wondered what it feels like to hop on a plane, be in a distant place and be back home as if nothing happened. Now I am about to experience what it feels like and I’m so excited.

We booked our flight last December during Cebu Pacific’s two day seat sale and we got our roundtrip tickets for only 56.02 pesos each (without the baggage fee)! The original, crazy plan was just to go to Leyte for breakfast, head to Samar via the San Juanico bridge for lunch, then be back in Manila for dinner by 7:00PM. With me are two of my other friends from work and we’re leaving tomorrow morning!

I don’t really know anything about Leyte except that it’s link to Samar by the 2.16 KM San Juanico bridge. I’m sure we all remember that from a discussion in grade school.

I just started reading about the two provinces for our flight tomorrow and now I feel a bit regretful. Leyte has so much to offer – like the food and the sights and I wish we were staying for more than a day.

I am posting the links of my online resources and hope you can make Leyte and Samar your next destination.

I highly recommend this helpful online food guide:


About the Longest Bridge in the Philippines:


Map of Leyte : http://www.globalpinoy.com/travel/province/leyte_map.htm

A Brief Article about Samar:


You can also buy a EZ map of Leyte and Samar from any National Bookstore branch (99 pesos each).

I’ll try to post the pictures as soon as we get back. J


  1. Hahaha, I know what it feels like... Super bitin! I didn't even blogged about it kse bka walang maniwala, hehehe. Me and my 3 friends did a one-day sojourn last Thur. in Bacolod. Although I frequently visit that province I had a wonderful time showing the place with my friends kaya super bilis ng oras. We even want na delayed sana ang flight pauwi kse ang dami pa namen pinaguusapan. It's a good thing na delayed nga ng 1 hour. Mas mahal pa nga nagastos namen sa terminal fee kaysa pamasahe namen kse 200 din ang terminal fee sa Bacolod :)

    Meron pa kme 1 more ticket to Davao pero bka di na namen ituloy kse weekday uli.

    I'm waiting nga na magkaron uli ng FREE fare ang cebupac para matuloy ang ligaya! hehehe

    Have a great time in Region VIII :)

  2. Hiyee Carlo!

    Doing a day trip was bitin nga but it was an adventure to remember..dami din namin nagawa.. :) ganda ng San Juanico bridge, walking was even better than just riding a vehicle. Tama, mas mahal pa ang terminal fee! hehehehe..but because of that promo, mas lalo ko minahal ang Cebu Pac..hehehe..

    Winish ko din nga na ma-delay ang flight kasi ndi pa namin napuntahan ang Mac Arthur park kaya lang, on time sila, we even arrived in Manila 20 minutes ahead of schedule..Curious ako sa Bacolod...sarap daw chicken dun eh..


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