My Want List

Aside from the gadgets I want to acquire, for 2009, I want to:

1. Learn a new language - I'm still crazy over learning Hindi but I can't find any books about it. I saw some online resources though. My second choice is Arabic, third is Bahasa. Fourth is Spanish. Fifth is Chinese.

2. Be fluent with my Cebuano - hahaha..I'm a bit far from being fluent but I do understand some words - gamay lang.. I hope to learn more when I do my "Visayas expedition" this December. I'm quite excited about it. It's going to be another solo travel where I hope to practice my Cebuano, eat chicken Bacolod in Bacolod, find a great beach and see a lot of shirtless guys.

3. Do something different like sky diving, a new sport perhaps - like boxing or muay thai - just anything besides climbing and football.

4. Romance perhaps? hehehe! Only God knows.

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