The Arayat Challenge

I am climbing again! Me, JayZ and Milmar will be giving the Mt. Arayat day hike traverse a shot tomorrow morning. I think we will be starting at the North peak, otherwise known as the Magalang trail and go down via the South Peak, more popularly known in the mountaineering community as the Magulang trail because of all the fees they charge their visitors. Its proper name is actually the BaƱo trail or the Arayat National Park trail.

I’ve been to the “Magulang trail” last year and though the experience wasn’t good, it wasn’t all that bad either. We did encounter a lot of nice, helpful people. The lady in the barangay was quite accomodating and while waiting for her to print our permit, we feasted our eyes on the “missing people” posters pasted on the walls of the barangay hall. They were suspected rebels who were believed to have been abducted and tortured by the radical members of the military. The tricycle driver on our way there asked for extra pay when we got to the jump-off. He wanted to charge an additional 100% from the agreed amount but we haggled with him. Our guide left us in the middle of the trek because he told us he didn’t have his flashlight and he had to go back down. On top of that, when I got home, I got a text from him. He apparently thinks we can be good friends. Ha!

I’m not in 100% good condition though but I love a challenge. My most painful knee agony in Tapulao is still a bit fresh in my memory, my back developed some bruising from taking a fall in a bridge in Kinabalu, I have a running nose though I am managing well with some medication. I often wonder why I do these things and one answer always comes back to me –to see. I’m always curious to find what’s out there. I’m never contented with just stories. I need to see it for myself.

I’m going to have to run to the grocery later for my survival kit – Salonpas, Alaxan FR, Mr. Jiggles jelly for trail food, lots of mosquito repellant.

Tell you about it when I get back!

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